Monday, November 21, 2011

Camp Bentzon!!!

Yelling get up down the hall I screamed with no attention waiting to walk out the door, when I snuk into my brothers room whispering in his ear "Brother wake up I need to ware your hat PLEASE". As he slowly woke up I grabbed the hat waiting for an answer when he said "ok but you cant dirty it" I ran out with excitement screaming outside when I heard a thump my yelled "STOP MAKING A BIG NOISE its only 5 o'clock in the morning". My day pack was all ready and my clothing bag was all ready at school. Driving to school I gave my mum and brother a very big hug saying goodbye as I ran off . We packed all of the bags on the bus and then off we went.

We got to the sand pit  where our boat was waiting. We unloaded the bus and loaded the boat. Every one was ready to ride. We had upstairs seats and bottom seats I went to the top It was a bit chilly in the start but then its started to heat up. We were almost there when all of the boys  got up and performed the Haka Dillon was the leader. we hopped off the boat then unloaded all of our things before we seatled down we went for a very big adventure.

The adventure started in the trees and bushes. We went up steep hills and almost rolled down hills. As we suffered through all of that we saw that we were on the other side of camp Bentzon. we made it to a beautiful place with palm trees nice clean water. We had about 2 hours  of straight fun and then we headed back to the camp. As soon as we got back to camp we unloaded our things up in our rooms. Tauwhare,Lola, Terina and Dante were my buddy's in our cabin. we were al ready to go down stairs for free time.

The second day sure came around with alot more fun and excitement. We had rotations on fun and team working adventures. I had 2 faviorite activities and that was bivoack building and sailing.
My highlight for bivoack building was trtying my hardest and winning. And my highlight for sailing was getting over my fear, on the sail I was having so much fun till my boat filled up with water giving me a salty bath.

The concert night. This is the part where all of our practices meant something every one showed off their new dance and tried their hardest to come 1st. There could only be one winner and the team that came 1st was kawaou 2nd was Bentzon then 3rd was KATZ coming in last place was mansion. WE all had a great night and had lots of prizes rolling in for special people, But there still two very special prizes and that was to the !!!CAMP KING AND QUEEN!!!!!  and the camp king was.......RANIN!!!!! and our queen was HUELOATA!!!

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uploaded later on after this story has been published

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Film Festival

Lights were slowly fading when the famous what now host made his way in and became the host for us. "How exciting" I softly said to myself as I watched the introduction.  There were many different things to watch. I saw animations and real live movies. Out of all those movies played I had to have at least 2 favorites.

My first favorite was  room 20 and another class. They had made a movie about when you need a friend. The song was a very popular song it was Bruno mars count on me. My second favorite had my cousin in it at that was Te News!!! His act was Billy T and although he had a few giggles he had every on say to him hi billy T. Some people said to me "Hey its Billy T's sister.
And Thats my story about our Film Festival.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Fire works

Splitting and sparkling in the air with the sound of cannon balls fireing in the air were fire works (GuyForks). I was very excited, that as soon as my mum came to drop my fire works off I ran in to the car waiting for the car to stop.
The big boom box yeay I jumped up in to the air waiting to see the next box..... And then out came the roman candle box. I was very excited but I still couldent light mine up because it was mid day.

As a switch of the light dark came and the moon shon upon us. People made bombs out of organic gun powder. The bombs were very loud and as you watch them ready to pop you can see the fire slowly moving up causing a big "BANG" frightening  all the birds. I had my fire works separated in my bag and let off all of them one by one. I had a very special roman candle I left the rest in the car, my brother just came as I was gonna light mine off then my mum told me to give him one and the only one left was the warrior the best roman candle, as he held it he got a shock when it pulled his hand back then he had to hold it two with two hands.

It was all over and we had to go home we all had the best night ever all the fire works were out and it was the time when all was tired.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Visiting saturn

 Welcome to Saturn This is where I live. My home is made out of bits of beutyful rocks and broked parts off the famous rings that have just been discovered  I've lived here for over one month. As I search for life around some of these planets.I eat and drink off the supplies I have left in my rocket, over my calculations I would be able to stay on this planet for over 2 months.

I have brang some normal activities like skate boards and scooters. My fun and daily activitie is taking a ride on the rings with my scooter.When I fall off I feel like im on earth and I scream so load that I realise im floating around in mid air. I still have a few quistions like how big is space?, does space ever end?

Yesterday I meet an alien and he was purple. He could talk English I thought I was going crazy till I met him again skating on the rings. This time really thought I was out of my mind then he took me in a portal he said it leads to the centre of Saturn witch is where all Saturn alien lives, and other aliens live in the center of their own planet. Learning heaps about Saturn was really cool.

Time to go home. Bye Saturn.

Friday, October 28, 2011

My camping holiday

For the first week of my holiday I went to riverside camp. Riverside is a group that plays heaps games with our principle Mr Burt And our coach Miss Va'afusuanga. They have been doing that since Mr Burt was still a teacher. Back to camp, my mum and I had packed all I needed after that my back was still not full so I put in extras. We left at quarter to eight and saw every one with their bags. Mr Burt had a talk to us about the camp and what we had to do. Then we finally left.

Cruising on the bus was kinda the trip I wasn't looking forward to. We past a beach and beautiful sights on the way to our camp. WE suddenly drove threw a drive way with lots of speed bumps then we saw a big white building and a very big field, with golf and volley ball, tennis and basketball. They kids in the bus were very excited including me.

Sitting on the carpet nervous when Mr Burt told us all to go and find our cabins. Turuhira and I had the best beds in our cabin, Why? because we had single beds and the rest had bunks. We went to the beach and had a food fight plus we had a water activity those are all the game's that we had done there may be a few extra but I had to have a highlight.

My highlight was the quad bikes because I rode them every time they had pulled them out. My first turn  was dreadful. They had a out line circled with cones I had crashed in the middle then I went for lap two and the bike broke down. That was my story I hope you enjoyed.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Outta this world

It is now a new term!! Witch means that we have our special  assembly. When all our teachers do a funny performance about our topic. Our topic is Outta This World. All the teams had teachers that performed a slide show or a dance. They were all funny but I had to have a favorite. When we were seated Mr marks and his class came over to be seated. When I looked at Mr marks he looked very funny, then he saw me looking very shocked and said to me " what are you laughing about" and gushed his pom pom on my face, and we had a great big laugh.

My favorite was team  5 they had done a star wars show and every one was laughing at Mr Harris, because he had been acting as the princess in the movie that they had made. The movie had been edited very well. Mr Harris was the star in the movie he had been a very good princess. It was funny how he had a mask on to cover his face. My friend Dante's favorite was team 4 and 5. It was time to go to class and it was just a normal day.

This is what I have learnt so far. Did you know that the sun isn't the largest object actually there is a star that is ten times bigger. The moons are also called satellites?. sun, mercury, Venus, earth, the moon, mars, cease, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Those are all the planets that are near the sun. We have inner planets and outer planets. Inner stands for planets that are closest to the sun and outer means that the planets are far away.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


This is Jonah lomu i have put all of my effort on here draw him. 

Jonah lomu is known as the best all black player in the history of rugby.

He has some really sharp moves and also he can doge tackles without even touching the other players.

Jonah Tali Lomu, (born 12 May 1975) is a New Zealand rugby union player. He had sixty-three caps as an All Black after debuting in 1994.

Richard mcaw is now the captain of the all blacks team.

Richard Hugh "Richie" McCaw (born 31 December 1980 in Oamaru, North Otago) is a New Zealand rugby union player, and is the current test captain

After a massive injury he couldn't play for the all blacks but he didn't give up.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our rugby 8 champions.

This term our year 8 boys became our year 8 rugby champions. They have won there rugby game against 30 or more teams. Thieve had played there games in toranga it was a bit of a struggle for there families but then , a great success they had accomplished.

They had been coached by the wonderful miss
va'a fusu'anga she had been a big help for the boys. As they got welcome backed Mr Burt, couldn't make it to see them arrive. They had alot of highlights to share with the rest of the school. We could all see that the big smiles on their faces meant that they had alot of fun. Next year I hope they try their hardest and win again.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Learning how to play aussie rules.

This term every Thursday we have been playing Aussie rules with our instructors Megan and Melisa.They are very kind and have allot of manners they have been teaching for only a few years,and this year they are teaching us how to play, Rugby Aussie rules. Not every day we have the same instructors we can have a girl and a boy or just both girls.

We have learnt Nealy all the rules how to play and what not to do. Further than the rules we have learnt how to kick with an Aussie ball and hand pass. Here's one I remember - laces away from faces.

Kicking the ball was very hard in the beginning but keep practicing add you'll get it right. That was not the only thing we learnt we also learnt how to hand pass correctly. In the middle of practicing we had little games my favorite was bass ball with a rugby ball its kind of complicating to learn on the spot. That's all I wrote about so please leave a comment on my blog and leave your URL/Name so I can visit your blog.


A sneeze center is a part of the brain that not many people have heard of. If the inside of your nose gets a tickle, then the sneeze center alerts all the other muscles that work together to sneeze. Sneezing is a reflex. A reflex is where your body does something automatically and is something that you have no control over.

Sneezing is a way to get rid of bad things in your nose. These things might be bacteria, germs and other things. You also sneeze when you smell pepper that reason is because your body does not like the smell of pepper. when you see a bright light like the sun or a light bulb you feel like you are gonna sneeze. Actually 1 out of 3 people sneeze when they see a bright light. Those people are called "Photic Sneezers." Photic really is another word for light. Photic sneezing is something that you get from one of your parents because it is something that runs in one side of your family.

Can you open your eyes when you sneeze?
Some people can sneeze with their eyes open and some people can’t. Sneezing is a reflex and so closing eyes. We have no control on whether we close our eyes or not when they sneeze. Some people don’t have reflex, so when they sneeze then their eyes won’t close.

Sneezing is very good for you and your body because it removes things from your body like bacteria and germs. It also is good because it keeps the nostrils that carry the air from your nose to the lungs healthy. Sneezing makes your nose clear when you have a cold. If you used to hate sneezing, then I hope this has changed your mind.

Friday, September 16, 2011

RWC Opening Ceremony

The stars were lit up on a beautiful night at Eden park, sparkling high in the sky with fireworks making sounds like cannon balls firing. Fire works were created by a man named Guy Fork. He created them to blow up the English parliament. But these days we use them to celebrate Christmas, New Years and special events.

In the Opening ceremony the Maori introduction was really cool. They had amazing projection and heaps of lights and musical instruments. It was really creative how they made the two hammer sharks with all the people as one. As seen on the rugby world cup banner there are to maori shapes but secretly they are hammer sharks.

"GO ALL BLACKS" and good luck to all other teams around the world.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We were on TV 1 News!

Last night my class and another class at Pt England were on TV 1 news. Our principal Mr Burt had chosen only two classes and we were one of the lucky classes. We were so excited, but we had to act like they weren't even there. We learnt that we were meant to be a poor school but ended up being a very rich school because we have netbooks to use for our learning. It is sad that some schools that are poor don't have a lot of money. I'd like to thank our principal for choosing our class to go on the news and for helping us by traveling to other countries to get us new equipment to use in our class!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Rugby World Cup

New Zealand is an island nation in the south pacific ocean. It has two main Islands with smaller islands around it, for example Stewart island and the Chatham islands. The Maori name for new zealand is Aotearoa, which is commonly translated as 'the land of long white cloud'. Back when people first found New Zealand they had already been to a land called Zealand. After seeing our island they were amazed and said it was better than Zealand so they called it New Zealand.

In 1840 a treaty was signed between the Maori and British, making new Zealand a colony of Britain. The colony became self governing in 1852 and was made a population in 1947. Most of New Zealand's population is of Europeans, followed by Asians and non Maori, Polynesians. The three main languages used in New Zealand is English, Te reo Maori and New Zealand sign language.

Click here to find a map For the rugby world cup semi-final, Bronze Final and the Finals.
The New Zealand national rugby union team is called the all blacks. Rugby union is regarded as New Zealand's national sport. Our team is called the All Blacks and they won the first ever rugby world cup. We are also the leading points scorers of all time and the only international rugby team with a winning record against every test nation they have ever played! The all blacks have held the top ranking in the world for longer than all other country's combined and in over 100 years only five of the top twenty ranked test rugby nations have ever beaten New Zealand. In the decade from 2000-2009, New Zealand won 100 tests and they went on to have a winning record of 15 tests and recorded a world record 30 straight wins at home.

The New Zealand flag, has white, red and blue colors. White stands for peace and honesty. Red stands for hardiness, bravery, strength and valor. Blue stands for vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance and justice over all. Click here for more flags to see.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Just the other day, on Monday the 8th of August, we went to visit the life education caravan parked in front of the kindergarten at our school. I was very excited because I have never been there before. As soon as we got there the Harold  teacher, named Lynn,  politely asked us, “Can you all take your shoes off?” So, after we had taken our shoes off Lynn asked us to get in order from the Tallest to shortest. I was the 2nd tallest. 

At last we were siting comfortable waiting to see Harold and Lynn. Harold and room 16 had a few laughs but then we went straight back into work. Harold had 4 home work sheets that were very hard for him to do. So we helped him with it. Finally it was time to do the sheets. My favorite part was learning about the lungs. What they do to help our body stay healthy is amazing.

We were near the end but before we left we had to make up a dance about a card we had been given. Our group got the card on the lungs and so we came up with a dance to perform to the class.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Holiday

“Gosh its very cold” I mumbled to myself. I asked my mum, “Can we go to the movies with Tatiana?” She said with a polite voice, “Of course”. On our way to the movies we were thinking what we should watch. My cousin suggested,  “What about Kungfu Panda 2”. We walked into the movies and saw a very short line. We quickly ran up to go next and by the time we got there the lady asked what movie did we want to watch. “Kungfu panda 2 please,” I replied. I asked my mum what lollies are we allowed to get. I suggested that we got to Pak 'n Save and get lots of chocolates!

After we got our munchies for the movie my mum and cousin were waiting in the line to get into the cinema. Well I was on the chairs waiting and I nearly got left behind because I was mucking around. I found it really hard to find out where our seats were. After a while of hunted we finally found them and our numbers were C23, C22 and C21. As we sat down the movie commercials came on, perfect timing. After all of that the movie finally came on and every one had already sat down to watch the movie. It was kind of boring in the start but during the end I kind of had fun, and plus all of that chocolate was filling me up!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Fatu Feu'u Art

At the start of term 3 we have been completing some art. Now it is the end of week 1 I have just finished my first draft. We haven't started to paint it yet but this is a quick preview. I have borrowed my friends Zion and Tauwhare's art work as well as my own. Have a look and see what you think?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011


These are some photos I took while I was at MOTAT on a class trip!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


“Wow” I gasped as I ran to see the first and third plane ever to be built by an amazing person named Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson. My guess is that he invented an airplane so we could go to other places like America. So we didn't have to risk our lives on boats or small sailing boats. I found out that he was Born in 18 July 1950, Birthplace: Surrey, England Best Known As: Founder of the Virgin business empire, that was my first highlight.

My second was the tactile doom. When we first when into the Dome I couldn't find where I was going! So I screamed and screeched while I tried to go onto the
nearest thing I could find trying to find an exit. At last Te Rina yelled, “Here Andrea come down the slide.” Then I saw a very bright light heading towards Te Rina and I crawled as fast as I could. “I'm out!” I gasped. 

Unfortunately the day was over like a switch of a light and those were my highlights at MOTAT. The best thing is we learnt that they use water to create steam.

Friday, June 24, 2011


These are some of the Inventions that I have found designed by Graham Hawk.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tallest Tower

Partly cloudy

Our movie is called Partly cloudy.
The main characters in the movie are stalk the bird and cloudy the Grey cloud.
The movie took place up high in the clouds.
It starts with a dozen stalks flying around and delivering babies, dogs and cats.
When the stalk came to get his delivery Cloudy had a shark then the. talk flew up to the other clouds. But cloudy got angry and sad.
Cloudy relises that stalk was only getting armer to protect him self.
My rating is 10/10 because the movie has a very happy ending. The beginning is very cool how they deliver all sorts of cut animals and real

Thursday, May 26, 2011


These are some of our visitors that have walked through our class on the 26th of may 2011. I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tallest tower

Last week on Friday afternoon we had the opportunity to try build the tallest towers. And try build a bridge that could hold the thousands block. My favorite challenge was with Mr Somerville. We had to try build the tallest tower.

We had to try our hardest to build it out of very thin paper. We had to use 1metre sellotape and one glue stick with a pair of scissors. We had to think very carefully cause if we messed it up we couldn’t start again. Lots of the boys defrauded by using scrap paper but that was only our first challenge.

On our last time doing it I was on my own because I thought me by myself I could do better. I thought from the tips we had got and why our last tower fell down. I remembered why ours couldn't stand, Because we had to many crinkles. So then I rolled my paper up very carefully I used sellotape and a bit of glue. I did five rolls going up but it didn't balance so then I put some legs on the sides but it still didn't stand, so then I put on two other legs on. It balanced for over a minute. when it was time to take it in to test it I was very proud because I've been with many groups, and i found it I'm better working by myself. At the end I was the winner.

Bigger, Better, Stronger, Faster

This is what we have been doing during the first week of term two.

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Holiday

My holiday was the best. I went to 6 different places,my first was tenpin bowling in panmure,then I went to the easter show I loved all of the rides, but then i went to the cinemas first of all I went to watch Rango in 3d the the second time I went I watched Rio 3d that was even better than Rango. On 25th of Monday ANZAC day I went to the museum, I even saw the cast of out ragest fortune in 3D. My highlight of my holiday is going to the easter show and both of the movies.

My first highlight was going to the easter show. The ride that I really liked was the bumper carts. Me and my cousin Brodie had 40 tickets each and we use most of the tickets up on the bumper carts. W e went on a few other rids they were very freaky. We got free drinks and we could play a reclying game when we were done, if you chose a bottle and in the lid had a w you would win a bag or some thing different
. There was a ride called the scream i was tall enough but my cousin wasn't, there was another ride but u had to walk through, was called the haunted house Brodie didn't want to so we walked in a different ride, it was magician ride. It was very hard to get through the first obstacle the whole thing would turn well you walk through to the other side. Then we had to leave.

My second highlight was going to the movies twice. My favorite movie out of Rango and Rio was Rio. He had a very nice care giver that found him when he fell out of truck. Rio is about a bird who couldn't fly but then finally believes that he can so he did. Not only that but he was the only male of his kind so a scientist found another bird but female of his kind so he tried to bring them together, to save they could save their kind.

My challenge

This was my challenge for week 1 term 2.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

About Me

This is a post that is all about me .

My name is Andrea and I love to do sports,paint and sing. My age is ten and my birthday is august the 11th,my favorite type of sports I like to do is Net ball,Basket ball and Soccer those are my top. My brother loves basket ball and hes very good at it him and his friends,Tuma,Wiramu,Ula,trey and a couple of others always go to the basket ball courts and play some shoots.

I love to do art my favorite drawing is to draw flowers and nature. The thing that inspires me about art is that my whole family did art when they my age,right now they are great artist. My sister is a great artist in fact my brother is too,we can play all day if we wanted to

Singing is another thing I love to do it is really my one and only favorite thing to do when im at home,I just sing expresses my feelings and and shows m y true colors.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Millions of years ago there lived a dinosaur named Asias he lived in a country called dinoactive world. You might think his world is perfect but its not. He lives in a beautiful cave with his three sisters and two brothers, Asias is the smallest in his family.

This dinosaur came in a rainbow of colours sometimes green, sometimes red, sometimes with brightly coloured stripes even poker dots. His family had very dark colours the darkest colors that a dinosaur had ever had. Asias family can change colour too, but their colours are very dark.

Asias likes to eat veges, he's a vegetarian. His family was known as the best meat eaters. veges were his one and only freedom from his family so he stuck to eating veges. When his family goes out Asias decides to write in his dinosaur diary and starts to think. I wanna be the best meat eater. I wanna grow very tall I wanna be just like my family. So he tried to eat meat down by the drink plaza. There he found meat. He tried but he ended up changing light blue and spitting it out.

Asias was the type to do dancing with his Friends and art. The type of dancing this Dino likes to do is Jerk. Him and his Friends liked to go to the park after school and dance, they were known as the best dancers around. But Asias family wasn't. So all of his Friends got the credit for dancing but he didn't because his family is known as the beast so they recommend I'm the next beast in our family. When he goes home in my room he paints and paints till he gets bored and goes back to dancing.

So Asias realized being different wasn't so bad after all his family would need for things like fitting through a small hole to get something so the family under standard what asias was trying to say so they all lived happily in dinoactive world.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Soapbox Finals in Whangaparaoa.

On Sunday the 10th of April we had Soapbox Derby. but this time it wasn't the other one it was the finals. Our driver was Maru. Not only was it the finals but it was in whangaparaoa. The drive was amazing, we had a few songs and beats to cheer on Maru but then the girls got sick of it. Maru made it in to the top 16 but not in th top 8 but we had fun anyway
So then we said lets go make a new chant, but then we ended up making a whole new dance. The lightest of all the cheerleaders was Eleva. So we got 2 girls to pick her up and throw her up in the air and had 3 girls to catch her when she falls back. Me and another cheer leader would stand in the front then do cart wheels in front. We got to go and have a look around with Mary’s mum but that was about it. We brought some snow cones and I brought a cold coke and have a turn on the bouncy castle. You had to pay 10 dollars down to 5 dollars.
It was time to go, we all had a great time on our way back most of the cheer team had fallen asleep. But the kids who were sitting with me were not asleep we were wide awake but then we started falling asleep by the end of the trip.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It all started on August the 13th 2007 I was going in the shop at Harvey Normans and I went to find a chair for my room I tried a wooden chair but that didn't work for me. I tried a plastic chair but then my big brother pulled it before I even sat down so all of a sudden I ended up falling on the ground and screamed I felt really embarrassed.

On my 1st birthday my sisters and brothers were at my birthday and my aunts and uncles were there. It was so embarrassing for me because as soon as I blew out my candle my sister and my brother took out my candles and then pushed my head in the cake. But the embarrassing thing was that the lights were still off. When the lights turned on my aunt and my uncle were taking a video so every time we have a family day they will always play it but my parents still don't believe that my brother and sister did it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Making a link

This is a photo that i uploaded and added a link to it to show you were i got it from.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Acrostic poem

school camp was fun
Kayaking with my friends
Activities to do
Talent for performance
Excited to orienteering
Listening to the teachers
All stars is my camp group
Nervous on the first day
Doing every thing with confidence

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Wednesday 16 to the 18 of march we year 6 and year 5 had camp. I was so nervous I had a million butterflies in my stomach. My group name was called All stars we all were extremely excited. With all of our bags stacked up together we all sat quietly waiting for our team name to get called out so we can grab our bags. Once our team name got called out we raced for our bags and then calmly went to find our tent. We struggled trying to get around in our tent but when we finished it was looking great.

My first highlight for camp was kayaking. We were kayaking down by Pt England reserve plus it was our last day for camp. As soon as we into jump in our kayak there we went off into the water. I was paddling so fast I was getting tied. On the first round I went around the red and green post 6 times.When it was time to go back in I raced my way in but I came third. The other kids had found a shrimp they passed it around then I got it and took it with me on the kayak. Other kids had got a turn on the boat and some didn't. We had so much fun on my second and third turn on the kayak I had a double kayak I was with Mia in room 15 and on my third I had Katerina.

My favorite thing about the whole camp was the concert we were the last group to perform. I was so nervous I couldn't even speak. The light had shined on our group we all started our song. When it was my turn to go in the front I stood up and then played my role. Wen it was time to get the results of the winner we all crossed our fingers. They announced the people who standed out in the groups and then they announced th winners 3rd place was responsible and 2nd place was true we all lost hope we thought we had lost then first place was..... ALL STARS we were all so happy just burst with joy. But it was now time to go.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My netbook

I love my netbook because it is very easy to type. with a pencil in my hand my wrist gets very tired and my fingers. With our netbook we can do stuff that you cant do on an ordinary book.We do free typing games on our net book so we can get good and get certificates. I like to change my back ground alot and I like to chat when we have free time. We can take photos and videos of our friends we can even voice record our own voice.

I love our new netbooks its very easy and its great for taking to other places. In the morning we love to have free time.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tokyo Disater

On the 11th of march 6:30pm in Tokyo they had a tsunami right after an earthquake. The earthquake had hit at 2:45pm it caused fires and explosions. people were devastated by what had happened. Adults were at work when this disaster happened people were taking videos with there phones and pictures. bridges had collapsed during this disaster. There were two earthquakes that had happened the first was 8.9 magneto and the second was 6.6 there was alot of after shocks for the people in Tokyo.

the tsunami was 3 metres. before the tsunami hit most of the people were trapped because as soon as the warning signal was alerted the tsunami soon followed claiming hundreds of lifes. The tsunami had destroyed buildings and flushed away homes and cars. The tsunami carried on to Hawaii and caring on to Russia kuri island to the north land. The reporters call it a wave destruction. 10 people were confirmed dead on that day when the desater happened but on Saturday morning 388 were found dead finding more and more On the 11th of march 6:30pm in Tokyo they had a tsunami right after an earthquake. The earthquake had hit at 2:45pm it caused fires and explosions. people were devastated by what had happened. Adults were at work when this disaster happened people were taking videos with there phones and pictures. bridges had collapsed during this disaster. There were two earthquakes that had happened the first was 8.9 magneto and the second was 6.6 there was alot of after shocks for the people in tokeyo.10 people were confirmed dead but on Saturday morning 388 were found dead finding more and more bodies.

May god bless those who are suffering and families who have lost there love ones and may they Carrie on safely in there lives. lord be with those who need help.

Friday, March 11, 2011

My favorite type of shoes and cartoon characters are what is on my wordle. I will tell you more.
I love shoes because of the style and another reason is because me and my brother dance.Another reason why I love these cartoon characters. they inspire me . I use to watch them twenty four seven every day when i was younger my mum and dad would only get to watch there program when i was a sleep. Other than then it would always be sponge bob or Elmo.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

christ church desaster

New Zealand’s darkest day had devastation and heart-breaking. People are trapped in many buildings

shops have collapsed homes have been destroyed. Fear and anguish has come apone people. The tragic and sad, shocking event was timed at 1:00pm, starting at 12:50pm on the 22nd of February 2011. Tragic deaths have occurred. TV presenters have got footage of the disaster, people have been rushed to the hospital and rescued.

The most famous building which was the cathedral tower was seriously damaged. Tourists and a school watched the whole of the building collapse when they were in the city center.The epicenter of the earthquake was really close to the city center. People have taken photos and video footage and put them on the Internet so the world can see what people have suffered through tragic death and lost there loved ones.

May god bless those who are suffering and families that are in shock or pain, god bless workers that helped the injured people get safely to the hospital.May god be with those that have past away or have been trapped for over 2days give them the strength to stay in there for a bit longer.

Click onto this to watch the Christchurch earthquake.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Super hero

If I was a super hero this is how it would start......

One day I woke up and was wanting to grab my shoes but they were under the bed so I went to pick up my bed and all of a sudden it was in the air with only my index finger holding it up. My brother yield out to me and said hurry up we have to go to school then i ran as fast as I could in only one second i was out side ready to go school. I was like wow I went faster than a Cheddar. I said to my brother do you want are race he said yes and then I ran and only one second I was by the school gate my brother was still running then I said bye then he went to his school.

The bell rang and I raced for the class door and was there before Mr Somerville could even unlock the door and open it. I realized some thing is in me since this morning. So then it was time to walked home with my cousin to his house we ended up playing cricket we were fielding my cousin hit the ball and it went to jump I went high and it was like I was flying grabbed the ball and threw it at the wicket but I realized I was still in the air. My name would be bold blade I'm super fast and can fly most of all I am super strong I can lift anything i don't have muscles but I'm still strong its like I'm holding an apple seed.

I figured if I use my powers for good not evil i could fight crimes and help cops defeat the bad Id combine all of my powers to help. Id fly super fast and hold very heavy things on a trip any where. Id make sure to hide me in a fantastic disease. When I find out who is my Villain ill defeat her and make sure she never touches our planet.