Friday, October 28, 2011

My camping holiday

For the first week of my holiday I went to riverside camp. Riverside is a group that plays heaps games with our principle Mr Burt And our coach Miss Va'afusuanga. They have been doing that since Mr Burt was still a teacher. Back to camp, my mum and I had packed all I needed after that my back was still not full so I put in extras. We left at quarter to eight and saw every one with their bags. Mr Burt had a talk to us about the camp and what we had to do. Then we finally left.

Cruising on the bus was kinda the trip I wasn't looking forward to. We past a beach and beautiful sights on the way to our camp. WE suddenly drove threw a drive way with lots of speed bumps then we saw a big white building and a very big field, with golf and volley ball, tennis and basketball. They kids in the bus were very excited including me.

Sitting on the carpet nervous when Mr Burt told us all to go and find our cabins. Turuhira and I had the best beds in our cabin, Why? because we had single beds and the rest had bunks. We went to the beach and had a food fight plus we had a water activity those are all the game's that we had done there may be a few extra but I had to have a highlight.

My highlight was the quad bikes because I rode them every time they had pulled them out. My first turn  was dreadful. They had a out line circled with cones I had crashed in the middle then I went for lap two and the bike broke down. That was my story I hope you enjoyed.

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  1. "WOW"! that was so amazing to see all of those pictures of you in the movie.:)

  2. Hi Andrea, I loved reading this post and finding out about the parts of camp you most enjoyed. You made me laugh when I read about the Quad bikes!

    I thought you are a wonderful friend including a link to Turuhira's blog post as well

    Good on you

    Mrs Burt


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