Monday, May 28, 2012


Saludos voy a ser su tutor hoy Andrea es mi nombre (translation - Greetings I will be your tutor today, Andrea is my name) 
hoy vamos a aprender español ( - today we will be learning spanish)

Vamos a empezar con lo básico ( - Lets start off with the basics)

These are some basic spanish greetings. You can easily notice the differences between   
Good morning, afternoon and evening. Buenos ( pronounced Bo-weh-nos ) and Beunas (pronounced Bue-wen-us)  
¡Hola! ( pronounced or-laa)

Say these words below over and over again until your sure you know them off by heart. Say each of these words in spanish to freind's neighbour's and family. It would be helpful if you write these words in a book so you can learn quicker and your brain can attach to the words easier.


Buenos díasGood morning
Buenas tardesGood afternoon
Buenas nochesGood evening

If you had success in learning the greetings please leave a comment or you can follow me to read more fantastic post .

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Monday, May 7, 2012

My Mihi

Why we live in peace?

Many years ago our ancestors gave up their lives to save ours, let me tell you how.

In the beginning our ancestors lived in racism and fights. Not only did they have to put up with that, they also went into war not once but twice. Fighting for peace for their families and much more. Survivors had been wounded and scarred for life. All those honourable people have left us with peace and also for our next generation they left them memories that you can now see at the Auckland Museum. 

Family members of mine have entered the navy to prepare for the next war.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How does your heart work

The heart is a cone shaped muscle that circulates the blood in your body. This muscle can be or is about the size of an adult’s fist. The heart is the most important organ in your body, why? It is basically a blood pumping machine.  Without your heart your blood wouldn't be able to pass through your veins.

Here is an Age Pulse chart I found on the websites below I thought this chart was very interesting. I wonder why our heart gets lower as we grow older?
Newborn   130
3 months  140
6 months  130
1 year       120
2 years     115
3 years - 6 years  100
8 years     90
12 years   85
adult 60 - 100

To read more about the heart

Written by Dr Roger Henderson, GP