Friday, July 27, 2012

Math - Whizz

Hey im back with more interesting things about Math-Whizz. Its term 3, and if you remember I made a story on Math-Whizz in term 2. So now I’m gonna share how much I have approved.

Earlier last term I told you I’m really struggling on my maths. My teacher Mr Barks is the rising star I should be thanking. We come to school five days a week, and Mr Barks gives us a review every day on what we have to do and between all of that we have to do 20 minutes of Math-Whizz every day. At the end of the week everybody in our classroom has to have 100 minutes on their timer.

So back to how much I have improved. I’m not the highest in our class at Maths or the lowest, I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. That means I gained more levels also I havent went down any level. I have gotten alot better with my times tables thanks to Mr Barks and the Math-Whizz crew.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I have been attending Point England for three years now, since I have been here I have had more experience in everything but my most favourite thing I have been involved in is Netball. I've been in many sports at my old schools but I wasn't keen on joining Netball. Last year (2012) I took the opportunity to trial for the Netball team. A few days after our trial the coaches had decided, and I had made the team. This year and last year.

My coach this year is Miss Muliaumasealii. We train Thursdays after school and 1 hour or more before a game. Sometimes I get nervous before a game but when I'm focused on the court and the ball I try my hardest.

I haven't been playing for very long but I have been taught a few tips from Mrs Nua and Mrs Muliaumasealii. Tip 1. When you're throwing a ball make sure you're throwing it straight to the chest. Also never be afraid to take a risk when you're stuck and don't know what to do just do what you think is right. A very important thing is to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

You don’t need to be a famous champion to play this sport all you need is a ball and a few friends and you can have a game. You would be crazy to not give this game a go. You can see below a diagram of all positions.

Thank you to Cael for reading and editing my work. You're the best.

Term 3 with a new Topic!!

Term 3 has finally arrived, not only do we get to start fresh but we get a new topic to focus on. That topic is  The Olympics. Everybody is excited for the most amazing event that brings countries together every four years.

My feeling's, well I'm very excited for when the Olympics start, and as our topic we will be researching more about it and  how it works. There will be many games played such as - Swimming, Cycling, Track, Kayaking, Hockey and many more.

The fastest man in the world is Jesse Owens. He had broken four records in his time of running. This man who broke these records had been doubted an told that he couldn't run as fast as the other competitors. So he trained and trained and when the next Olympics came he competed, he won the race and he was titled the FASTEST MAN ALIVE.

There are many more people entering the competition and there are more things to see, you would be crazy to miss out on the opportunity to watch this live on TV.

Thank you to Eleva for reading and editing my work. I really hope we can work together in the future.

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