Thursday, July 19, 2012

Term 3 with a new Topic!!

Term 3 has finally arrived, not only do we get to start fresh but we get a new topic to focus on. That topic is  The Olympics. Everybody is excited for the most amazing event that brings countries together every four years.

My feeling's, well I'm very excited for when the Olympics start, and as our topic we will be researching more about it and  how it works. There will be many games played such as - Swimming, Cycling, Track, Kayaking, Hockey and many more.

The fastest man in the world is Jesse Owens. He had broken four records in his time of running. This man who broke these records had been doubted an told that he couldn't run as fast as the other competitors. So he trained and trained and when the next Olympics came he competed, he won the race and he was titled the FASTEST MAN ALIVE.

There are many more people entering the competition and there are more things to see, you would be crazy to miss out on the opportunity to watch this live on TV.

Thank you to Eleva for reading and editing my work. I really hope we can work together in the future.

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  1. Hey there Andrea,

    You write amazing stories!! YOU ROCK!! I see that you edited your work and I like your experience!!
    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! Looking forward for more blogs! "GO FOR GOLD!!"
    God Bless!!

  2. Hi Andrea,

    you wrote an awesome storie about the Olympics. I like the way how you used links to other peoples blogs so that other people can see there blogs. Anyway keep up the great work and have a nice day.


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