Monday, November 7, 2011

Fire works

Splitting and sparkling in the air with the sound of cannon balls fireing in the air were fire works (GuyForks). I was very excited, that as soon as my mum came to drop my fire works off I ran in to the car waiting for the car to stop.
The big boom box yeay I jumped up in to the air waiting to see the next box..... And then out came the roman candle box. I was very excited but I still couldent light mine up because it was mid day.

As a switch of the light dark came and the moon shon upon us. People made bombs out of organic gun powder. The bombs were very loud and as you watch them ready to pop you can see the fire slowly moving up causing a big "BANG" frightening  all the birds. I had my fire works separated in my bag and let off all of them one by one. I had a very special roman candle I left the rest in the car, my brother just came as I was gonna light mine off then my mum told me to give him one and the only one left was the warrior the best roman candle, as he held it he got a shock when it pulled his hand back then he had to hold it two with two hands.

It was all over and we had to go home we all had the best night ever all the fire works were out and it was the time when all was tired.

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