Thursday, April 14, 2011

About Me

This is a post that is all about me .

My name is Andrea and I love to do sports,paint and sing. My age is ten and my birthday is august the 11th,my favorite type of sports I like to do is Net ball,Basket ball and Soccer those are my top. My brother loves basket ball and hes very good at it him and his friends,Tuma,Wiramu,Ula,trey and a couple of others always go to the basket ball courts and play some shoots.

I love to do art my favorite drawing is to draw flowers and nature. The thing that inspires me about art is that my whole family did art when they my age,right now they are great artist. My sister is a great artist in fact my brother is too,we can play all day if we wanted to

Singing is another thing I love to do it is really my one and only favorite thing to do when im at home,I just sing expresses my feelings and and shows m y true colors.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Millions of years ago there lived a dinosaur named Asias he lived in a country called dinoactive world. You might think his world is perfect but its not. He lives in a beautiful cave with his three sisters and two brothers, Asias is the smallest in his family.

This dinosaur came in a rainbow of colours sometimes green, sometimes red, sometimes with brightly coloured stripes even poker dots. His family had very dark colours the darkest colors that a dinosaur had ever had. Asias family can change colour too, but their colours are very dark.

Asias likes to eat veges, he's a vegetarian. His family was known as the best meat eaters. veges were his one and only freedom from his family so he stuck to eating veges. When his family goes out Asias decides to write in his dinosaur diary and starts to think. I wanna be the best meat eater. I wanna grow very tall I wanna be just like my family. So he tried to eat meat down by the drink plaza. There he found meat. He tried but he ended up changing light blue and spitting it out.

Asias was the type to do dancing with his Friends and art. The type of dancing this Dino likes to do is Jerk. Him and his Friends liked to go to the park after school and dance, they were known as the best dancers around. But Asias family wasn't. So all of his Friends got the credit for dancing but he didn't because his family is known as the beast so they recommend I'm the next beast in our family. When he goes home in my room he paints and paints till he gets bored and goes back to dancing.

So Asias realized being different wasn't so bad after all his family would need for things like fitting through a small hole to get something so the family under standard what asias was trying to say so they all lived happily in dinoactive world.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Soapbox Finals in Whangaparaoa.

On Sunday the 10th of April we had Soapbox Derby. but this time it wasn't the other one it was the finals. Our driver was Maru. Not only was it the finals but it was in whangaparaoa. The drive was amazing, we had a few songs and beats to cheer on Maru but then the girls got sick of it. Maru made it in to the top 16 but not in th top 8 but we had fun anyway
So then we said lets go make a new chant, but then we ended up making a whole new dance. The lightest of all the cheerleaders was Eleva. So we got 2 girls to pick her up and throw her up in the air and had 3 girls to catch her when she falls back. Me and another cheer leader would stand in the front then do cart wheels in front. We got to go and have a look around with Mary’s mum but that was about it. We brought some snow cones and I brought a cold coke and have a turn on the bouncy castle. You had to pay 10 dollars down to 5 dollars.
It was time to go, we all had a great time on our way back most of the cheer team had fallen asleep. But the kids who were sitting with me were not asleep we were wide awake but then we started falling asleep by the end of the trip.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It all started on August the 13th 2007 I was going in the shop at Harvey Normans and I went to find a chair for my room I tried a wooden chair but that didn't work for me. I tried a plastic chair but then my big brother pulled it before I even sat down so all of a sudden I ended up falling on the ground and screamed I felt really embarrassed.

On my 1st birthday my sisters and brothers were at my birthday and my aunts and uncles were there. It was so embarrassing for me because as soon as I blew out my candle my sister and my brother took out my candles and then pushed my head in the cake. But the embarrassing thing was that the lights were still off. When the lights turned on my aunt and my uncle were taking a video so every time we have a family day they will always play it but my parents still don't believe that my brother and sister did it.