Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Holiday

“Gosh its very cold” I mumbled to myself. I asked my mum, “Can we go to the movies with Tatiana?” She said with a polite voice, “Of course”. On our way to the movies we were thinking what we should watch. My cousin suggested,  “What about Kungfu Panda 2”. We walked into the movies and saw a very short line. We quickly ran up to go next and by the time we got there the lady asked what movie did we want to watch. “Kungfu panda 2 please,” I replied. I asked my mum what lollies are we allowed to get. I suggested that we got to Pak 'n Save and get lots of chocolates!

After we got our munchies for the movie my mum and cousin were waiting in the line to get into the cinema. Well I was on the chairs waiting and I nearly got left behind because I was mucking around. I found it really hard to find out where our seats were. After a while of hunted we finally found them and our numbers were C23, C22 and C21. As we sat down the movie commercials came on, perfect timing. After all of that the movie finally came on and every one had already sat down to watch the movie. It was kind of boring in the start but during the end I kind of had fun, and plus all of that chocolate was filling me up!


  1. Hey Andrea ;
    well I didn't enjoy Kung fu panda 2 as well. But in the end I had to enjoy it because all that fighting that the panda was doing was alright. (:

    Well keep up the awesome work !

  2. Hi Andrea,

    I like your story about Kung fu panda 2 i wish i came with you to the movies with you,Nana Shelia and Tatiana.
    From Brodie


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