Thursday, August 11, 2011


Just the other day, on Monday the 8th of August, we went to visit the life education caravan parked in front of the kindergarten at our school. I was very excited because I have never been there before. As soon as we got there the Harold  teacher, named Lynn,  politely asked us, “Can you all take your shoes off?” So, after we had taken our shoes off Lynn asked us to get in order from the Tallest to shortest. I was the 2nd tallest. 

At last we were siting comfortable waiting to see Harold and Lynn. Harold and room 16 had a few laughs but then we went straight back into work. Harold had 4 home work sheets that were very hard for him to do. So we helped him with it. Finally it was time to do the sheets. My favorite part was learning about the lungs. What they do to help our body stay healthy is amazing.

We were near the end but before we left we had to make up a dance about a card we had been given. Our group got the card on the lungs and so we came up with a dance to perform to the class.

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  1. Hey Andrea

    Nice seeing your writing its really cool hope you like learning thing with Harold i had fun with him .
    Hope you write some more.



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