Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 overall

Kia ora I'm a Year 8 student at Pt England school/intermediate. This year of 2013 has been my last year attending Pt England. I started here at yr 4 in 2008 with Miss Lavakula and have built the years up to year 8 in room 19 with Miss Tito.

This year I've made yr 7 friends, they're basically people I never knew last year. I'd like to make a big shout out to the friends I have made, especially the years 7s. This is the last year being together rom room 19. We won't really see each other next as all the year 8s split up for college! Room 19 isn't just a class, we've survived a year together we're more like family.

Farewell to Ms Tito, she's been the best teacher that has ever taught me in my schooling years. Farewell to Pt England's principal Mr burt! He's helped the school achieve everything it needed, from net-books to being a school where everyone is friends. Lastly farewell to everyone attending Pt England, may god bless them and they have a good future ahead! Thank you to the teachers who have taught me.

I'm exited to attend Auckland Girls Grammar because there are so many good opportunities there. I'm looking forward to a new school and and being a year 9. My goal for college is to be prefect and to achieve that I know I'm going to have to give 100% every day! Also going to school with a good attitude!

I enjoyed my year in room 19 with all the students and especially my teacher, singing with my class, laughing and even arguing, we all peace it out in the end. Camp was my second favourite thing I win this year! Time flys when you're having fun, especially with your friends that make it fun.

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