Wednesday, February 23, 2011

christ church desaster

New Zealand’s darkest day had devastation and heart-breaking. People are trapped in many buildings

shops have collapsed homes have been destroyed. Fear and anguish has come apone people. The tragic and sad, shocking event was timed at 1:00pm, starting at 12:50pm on the 22nd of February 2011. Tragic deaths have occurred. TV presenters have got footage of the disaster, people have been rushed to the hospital and rescued.

The most famous building which was the cathedral tower was seriously damaged. Tourists and a school watched the whole of the building collapse when they were in the city center.The epicenter of the earthquake was really close to the city center. People have taken photos and video footage and put them on the Internet so the world can see what people have suffered through tragic death and lost there loved ones.

May god bless those who are suffering and families that are in shock or pain, god bless workers that helped the injured people get safely to the hospital.May god be with those that have past away or have been trapped for over 2days give them the strength to stay in there for a bit longer.

Click onto this to watch the Christchurch earthquake.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Super hero

If I was a super hero this is how it would start......

One day I woke up and was wanting to grab my shoes but they were under the bed so I went to pick up my bed and all of a sudden it was in the air with only my index finger holding it up. My brother yield out to me and said hurry up we have to go to school then i ran as fast as I could in only one second i was out side ready to go school. I was like wow I went faster than a Cheddar. I said to my brother do you want are race he said yes and then I ran and only one second I was by the school gate my brother was still running then I said bye then he went to his school.

The bell rang and I raced for the class door and was there before Mr Somerville could even unlock the door and open it. I realized some thing is in me since this morning. So then it was time to walked home with my cousin to his house we ended up playing cricket we were fielding my cousin hit the ball and it went to jump I went high and it was like I was flying grabbed the ball and threw it at the wicket but I realized I was still in the air. My name would be bold blade I'm super fast and can fly most of all I am super strong I can lift anything i don't have muscles but I'm still strong its like I'm holding an apple seed.

I figured if I use my powers for good not evil i could fight crimes and help cops defeat the bad Id combine all of my powers to help. Id fly super fast and hold very heavy things on a trip any where. Id make sure to hide me in a fantastic disease. When I find out who is my Villain ill defeat her and make sure she never touches our planet.