Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Math Whizz

This is my console for Maths Whizz! From here, I can go anywhere! Challenge and add buddies, decorate my bedroom, and of course...LEARN NEW MATHS.

Each kid at our school who is in year 4-8 get an account that lets them compete with others who are all around the world. We have a person (Chris) that has set up this program for us.  It provides us with activities that test our skills. Right now I'm third(bronze) in overall usage and my friend Tyler has the GOLD. Coming in with second place and the silver is Chelsea. 

As you can see at the bottom of this post is fractions. This was part of a test that I am proud to say that I have moved on from and now I'm on a different level.

Thank you to the creators of Maths Whizz. To be honest, I wasn't good with my maths before, but now that we have you, we can learn better and easier.  

Stay tuned for more of my blog posts about my learning success.

Snow Leopards

Our planet is filled with fantastic animals and wondrous sights. From the deepest oceans to the driest desert followed by the darkest cave's. This story will take you up close and on an amazing journey about.......
The snow Leopards have 100 or so black spots sprinkled across their heavy white and grey coat. Their coat is used for two different reasons the first is to keep them warm up high on the mountain peaks the second reason is camouflage that helps them find their prey. They are excellent hunters with the ability to capture animals three times their own size. Snow leopards are most commonly found in the rugged mountains of central Asia.
The mountains are filled with scavengers that are willing to eat the snow leopards prey. There are wolves and lions. Even more interesting is the snow leopard can not roar.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Extra Math

Well that's extra math well my account. The yellow squares need practice and I'm on subtraction. Our teacher always gets are report on how well we have done. My tele graph always came up red now I have improved with a new stradygy that I have learned now im on yellow. Every week I will be posting something like this SO STAY TUNED.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Eye in the sky

Picture your self on a sail boat right. Out into the ocean and a wave comes up, throwing you you over board. Or your trapped on a wilderness trail in a storm, where you've been wounded by sharp branches. How can rescuers possibly find you.

Thanks to the search and rescue team sattilite network  runed by the national oceanic and atmospheric admin help is at hand no matter where disaster strikes. Sattilite over land and sea are on constant alert for disastress signals  from beacons or personal hand held locators . When a signal has sent the emergency location is received to the rescue teams

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The power of water

A flood is one of the most powerful forces on the planet able to sweep away people buildings and vehicles.

Floods can accompany hurricains, but most frequently they are caused by rivers whose level rise due to long periods of rain. In the spring, floods from rapidly melting snow from the mountains  are common.When the water rises  high enough to over flow it leaves people to swim around to safety.


  • Flood waters can even eat their way through slabs of paved road.
  • beware of flash floods.... A flash flood could happen in a split second sending muddy waters down canyons or dry steam beds.  


These are my best friends. Every body has a best friends AKA B.F.F.We see each other everyday, but the sad thing is that we have a member missing that is Lola she's in the picture but she doesn't come to our school she left last year. We always meet together at riverside. Riverside is very cool with fun games plus we are all together playing those games and of course talking. We miss lola heaps since the only days we see her is on Wednesday but im still grateful for that day.

Study Ladder Certificates

This Year we are we are on a new site called Study Ladder. We have two accounts per person, we have literacy and Maths. My biggest struggle is math but study ladder has helped me improve on some Questions I have taken a few pictures for you to see the things I have completed. The pictures I have taken are the ones that I struggled the most with but I ended up completing it.
This was a math game it was very hard for me I had to answer questions like this. 274862+154296 =
At first I though I'd just give up but I turned back and got a piece of paper and did it.

This is my reading. I did spelling it was difficult but I tried very hard and got a 10/10.
inadequate was the hardest I got a 8/10 before but I wasn't gonna give up that easily. I forced my self to remember and now I have got to the best I can be. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dr Ben Carson

On Tuesday the 6th of March we went to visit Dr ben Carson with heaps of other schools. He told what had happened through his life and what he did to solve the hard problems. His mother was a hard working mum. She helped him and his brother to where they are at now. Dr Ben Carson is an excellent man he has been gifted with those pair of hands he has now. One thing he tells us is that every one has a talent and to make that talent come true is that you have to work on it as hard as you can.


This year we have a topic to follow. That is RESPECT, I have drawn a picture of what each and one of those letters mean starting with R right down to T.
Please leave a comment saying how you would have respect to others around you.