Monday, November 21, 2011

Camp Bentzon!!!

Yelling get up down the hall I screamed with no attention waiting to walk out the door, when I snuk into my brothers room whispering in his ear "Brother wake up I need to ware your hat PLEASE". As he slowly woke up I grabbed the hat waiting for an answer when he said "ok but you cant dirty it" I ran out with excitement screaming outside when I heard a thump my yelled "STOP MAKING A BIG NOISE its only 5 o'clock in the morning". My day pack was all ready and my clothing bag was all ready at school. Driving to school I gave my mum and brother a very big hug saying goodbye as I ran off . We packed all of the bags on the bus and then off we went.

We got to the sand pit  where our boat was waiting. We unloaded the bus and loaded the boat. Every one was ready to ride. We had upstairs seats and bottom seats I went to the top It was a bit chilly in the start but then its started to heat up. We were almost there when all of the boys  got up and performed the Haka Dillon was the leader. we hopped off the boat then unloaded all of our things before we seatled down we went for a very big adventure.

The adventure started in the trees and bushes. We went up steep hills and almost rolled down hills. As we suffered through all of that we saw that we were on the other side of camp Bentzon. we made it to a beautiful place with palm trees nice clean water. We had about 2 hours  of straight fun and then we headed back to the camp. As soon as we got back to camp we unloaded our things up in our rooms. Tauwhare,Lola, Terina and Dante were my buddy's in our cabin. we were al ready to go down stairs for free time.

The second day sure came around with alot more fun and excitement. We had rotations on fun and team working adventures. I had 2 faviorite activities and that was bivoack building and sailing.
My highlight for bivoack building was trtying my hardest and winning. And my highlight for sailing was getting over my fear, on the sail I was having so much fun till my boat filled up with water giving me a salty bath.

The concert night. This is the part where all of our practices meant something every one showed off their new dance and tried their hardest to come 1st. There could only be one winner and the team that came 1st was kawaou 2nd was Bentzon then 3rd was KATZ coming in last place was mansion. WE all had a great night and had lots of prizes rolling in for special people, But there still two very special prizes and that was to the !!!CAMP KING AND QUEEN!!!!!  and the camp king was.......RANIN!!!!! and our queen was HUELOATA!!!

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More photos will be 
uploaded later on after this story has been published

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Film Festival

Lights were slowly fading when the famous what now host made his way in and became the host for us. "How exciting" I softly said to myself as I watched the introduction.  There were many different things to watch. I saw animations and real live movies. Out of all those movies played I had to have at least 2 favorites.

My first favorite was  room 20 and another class. They had made a movie about when you need a friend. The song was a very popular song it was Bruno mars count on me. My second favorite had my cousin in it at that was Te News!!! His act was Billy T and although he had a few giggles he had every on say to him hi billy T. Some people said to me "Hey its Billy T's sister.
And Thats my story about our Film Festival.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Fire works

Splitting and sparkling in the air with the sound of cannon balls fireing in the air were fire works (GuyForks). I was very excited, that as soon as my mum came to drop my fire works off I ran in to the car waiting for the car to stop.
The big boom box yeay I jumped up in to the air waiting to see the next box..... And then out came the roman candle box. I was very excited but I still couldent light mine up because it was mid day.

As a switch of the light dark came and the moon shon upon us. People made bombs out of organic gun powder. The bombs were very loud and as you watch them ready to pop you can see the fire slowly moving up causing a big "BANG" frightening  all the birds. I had my fire works separated in my bag and let off all of them one by one. I had a very special roman candle I left the rest in the car, my brother just came as I was gonna light mine off then my mum told me to give him one and the only one left was the warrior the best roman candle, as he held it he got a shock when it pulled his hand back then he had to hold it two with two hands.

It was all over and we had to go home we all had the best night ever all the fire works were out and it was the time when all was tired.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Visiting saturn

 Welcome to Saturn This is where I live. My home is made out of bits of beutyful rocks and broked parts off the famous rings that have just been discovered  I've lived here for over one month. As I search for life around some of these planets.I eat and drink off the supplies I have left in my rocket, over my calculations I would be able to stay on this planet for over 2 months.

I have brang some normal activities like skate boards and scooters. My fun and daily activitie is taking a ride on the rings with my scooter.When I fall off I feel like im on earth and I scream so load that I realise im floating around in mid air. I still have a few quistions like how big is space?, does space ever end?

Yesterday I meet an alien and he was purple. He could talk English I thought I was going crazy till I met him again skating on the rings. This time really thought I was out of my mind then he took me in a portal he said it leads to the centre of Saturn witch is where all Saturn alien lives, and other aliens live in the center of their own planet. Learning heaps about Saturn was really cool.

Time to go home. Bye Saturn.