Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Wednesday 16 to the 18 of march we year 6 and year 5 had camp. I was so nervous I had a million butterflies in my stomach. My group name was called All stars we all were extremely excited. With all of our bags stacked up together we all sat quietly waiting for our team name to get called out so we can grab our bags. Once our team name got called out we raced for our bags and then calmly went to find our tent. We struggled trying to get around in our tent but when we finished it was looking great.

My first highlight for camp was kayaking. We were kayaking down by Pt England reserve plus it was our last day for camp. As soon as we into jump in our kayak there we went off into the water. I was paddling so fast I was getting tied. On the first round I went around the red and green post 6 times.When it was time to go back in I raced my way in but I came third. The other kids had found a shrimp they passed it around then I got it and took it with me on the kayak. Other kids had got a turn on the boat and some didn't. We had so much fun on my second and third turn on the kayak I had a double kayak I was with Mia in room 15 and on my third I had Katerina.

My favorite thing about the whole camp was the concert we were the last group to perform. I was so nervous I couldn't even speak. The light had shined on our group we all started our song. When it was my turn to go in the front I stood up and then played my role. Wen it was time to get the results of the winner we all crossed our fingers. They announced the people who standed out in the groups and then they announced th winners 3rd place was responsible and 2nd place was true we all lost hope we thought we had lost then first place was..... ALL STARS we were all so happy just burst with joy. But it was now time to go.


  1. Hi Andrea you look pretty in that photo.I liked the way how you said that camp was fun, it was fun I was there I saw you at camp.Your group All Stars won the camp concert and your guys dance was cool it was fun to watch. I liked how you wrote about camp, thats why I commeted on your blog because I knew you were in the All Stars and that was the group that won. Love from Aldora

  2. WOW it looks like you had a lot of fun at the pools if you ask me I had a lot of fun like you


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