Monday, May 9, 2011

My Holiday

My holiday was the best. I went to 6 different places,my first was tenpin bowling in panmure,then I went to the easter show I loved all of the rides, but then i went to the cinemas first of all I went to watch Rango in 3d the the second time I went I watched Rio 3d that was even better than Rango. On 25th of Monday ANZAC day I went to the museum, I even saw the cast of out ragest fortune in 3D. My highlight of my holiday is going to the easter show and both of the movies.

My first highlight was going to the easter show. The ride that I really liked was the bumper carts. Me and my cousin Brodie had 40 tickets each and we use most of the tickets up on the bumper carts. W e went on a few other rids they were very freaky. We got free drinks and we could play a reclying game when we were done, if you chose a bottle and in the lid had a w you would win a bag or some thing different
. There was a ride called the scream i was tall enough but my cousin wasn't, there was another ride but u had to walk through, was called the haunted house Brodie didn't want to so we walked in a different ride, it was magician ride. It was very hard to get through the first obstacle the whole thing would turn well you walk through to the other side. Then we had to leave.

My second highlight was going to the movies twice. My favorite movie out of Rango and Rio was Rio. He had a very nice care giver that found him when he fell out of truck. Rio is about a bird who couldn't fly but then finally believes that he can so he did. Not only that but he was the only male of his kind so a scientist found another bird but female of his kind so he tried to bring them together, to save they could save their kind.

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