Thursday, April 14, 2011

About Me

This is a post that is all about me .

My name is Andrea and I love to do sports,paint and sing. My age is ten and my birthday is august the 11th,my favorite type of sports I like to do is Net ball,Basket ball and Soccer those are my top. My brother loves basket ball and hes very good at it him and his friends,Tuma,Wiramu,Ula,trey and a couple of others always go to the basket ball courts and play some shoots.

I love to do art my favorite drawing is to draw flowers and nature. The thing that inspires me about art is that my whole family did art when they my age,right now they are great artist. My sister is a great artist in fact my brother is too,we can play all day if we wanted to

Singing is another thing I love to do it is really my one and only favorite thing to do when im at home,I just sing expresses my feelings and and shows m y true colors.

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