Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Will.I.Am's amazing surprise and huge donation

On Wednesday afternoon our school gathered in the school hall to hear amazing news from our principle Mr Burt that an anonymous celebrity made an anonymous donation for our school project Maniakalani education trust schools, and that person wanted to meet our school the next day. We had to be prepared.

The following day (Thursday) we had an assembly for this mystery celebrity. As classes arrived, camera shows arrived too, we saw T.V1, T.V3Helenstein brothers and many more.  It was a long wait but then all of a sudden the the camera people ran to the front of our school as our prefects walked in with the anonymous donater Will.I.Am! 

This amazing person could've chose any school he wanted, but he chose ours! The wait was really worth it. Will.I.Am the front person from the black eyed peas believes that children are the future so he donated 100k so students can learn about science, mathematics and engineering. He grew up in a small area in East Los Angeles where there were a lot of violence and drug's as he grew up. Will.I.Am has started a foundation called I.Am Angel. 

It was a wonderful suprise having at our school. Our school is very grateful for having you  at our school, and we apreciate that you want kiwi kids to become the invetnter's of us. 

Click here to read more about what happened that day.


  1. Hi andrea i like your story about the day when Will.I.Am came to our school. keep it up

  2. Hi Andrea I like your story about will.I.Am came to our school and donated some money for the Maniakalani education trust schools. Keep up the good work!



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