Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We were on TV 1 News!

Last night my class and another class at Pt England were on TV 1 news. Our principal Mr Burt had chosen only two classes and we were one of the lucky classes. We were so excited, but we had to act like they weren't even there. We learnt that we were meant to be a poor school but ended up being a very rich school because we have netbooks to use for our learning. It is sad that some schools that are poor don't have a lot of money. I'd like to thank our principal for choosing our class to go on the news and for helping us by traveling to other countries to get us new equipment to use in our class!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Rugby World Cup

New Zealand is an island nation in the south pacific ocean. It has two main Islands with smaller islands around it, for example Stewart island and the Chatham islands. The Maori name for new zealand is Aotearoa, which is commonly translated as 'the land of long white cloud'. Back when people first found New Zealand they had already been to a land called Zealand. After seeing our island they were amazed and said it was better than Zealand so they called it New Zealand.

In 1840 a treaty was signed between the Maori and British, making new Zealand a colony of Britain. The colony became self governing in 1852 and was made a population in 1947. Most of New Zealand's population is of Europeans, followed by Asians and non Maori, Polynesians. The three main languages used in New Zealand is English, Te reo Maori and New Zealand sign language.

Click here to find a map For the rugby world cup semi-final, Bronze Final and the Finals.
The New Zealand national rugby union team is called the all blacks. Rugby union is regarded as New Zealand's national sport. Our team is called the All Blacks and they won the first ever rugby world cup. We are also the leading points scorers of all time and the only international rugby team with a winning record against every test nation they have ever played! The all blacks have held the top ranking in the world for longer than all other country's combined and in over 100 years only five of the top twenty ranked test rugby nations have ever beaten New Zealand. In the decade from 2000-2009, New Zealand won 100 tests and they went on to have a winning record of 15 tests and recorded a world record 30 straight wins at home.

The New Zealand flag, has white, red and blue colors. White stands for peace and honesty. Red stands for hardiness, bravery, strength and valor. Blue stands for vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance and justice over all. Click here for more flags to see.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Just the other day, on Monday the 8th of August, we went to visit the life education caravan parked in front of the kindergarten at our school. I was very excited because I have never been there before. As soon as we got there the Harold  teacher, named Lynn,  politely asked us, “Can you all take your shoes off?” So, after we had taken our shoes off Lynn asked us to get in order from the Tallest to shortest. I was the 2nd tallest. 

At last we were siting comfortable waiting to see Harold and Lynn. Harold and room 16 had a few laughs but then we went straight back into work. Harold had 4 home work sheets that were very hard for him to do. So we helped him with it. Finally it was time to do the sheets. My favorite part was learning about the lungs. What they do to help our body stay healthy is amazing.

We were near the end but before we left we had to make up a dance about a card we had been given. Our group got the card on the lungs and so we came up with a dance to perform to the class.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Holiday

“Gosh its very cold” I mumbled to myself. I asked my mum, “Can we go to the movies with Tatiana?” She said with a polite voice, “Of course”. On our way to the movies we were thinking what we should watch. My cousin suggested,  “What about Kungfu Panda 2”. We walked into the movies and saw a very short line. We quickly ran up to go next and by the time we got there the lady asked what movie did we want to watch. “Kungfu panda 2 please,” I replied. I asked my mum what lollies are we allowed to get. I suggested that we got to Pak 'n Save and get lots of chocolates!

After we got our munchies for the movie my mum and cousin were waiting in the line to get into the cinema. Well I was on the chairs waiting and I nearly got left behind because I was mucking around. I found it really hard to find out where our seats were. After a while of hunted we finally found them and our numbers were C23, C22 and C21. As we sat down the movie commercials came on, perfect timing. After all of that the movie finally came on and every one had already sat down to watch the movie. It was kind of boring in the start but during the end I kind of had fun, and plus all of that chocolate was filling me up!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Fatu Feu'u Art

At the start of term 3 we have been completing some art. Now it is the end of week 1 I have just finished my first draft. We haven't started to paint it yet but this is a quick preview. I have borrowed my friends Zion and Tauwhare's art work as well as my own. Have a look and see what you think?