Friday, November 4, 2011

Visiting saturn

 Welcome to Saturn This is where I live. My home is made out of bits of beutyful rocks and broked parts off the famous rings that have just been discovered  I've lived here for over one month. As I search for life around some of these planets.I eat and drink off the supplies I have left in my rocket, over my calculations I would be able to stay on this planet for over 2 months.

I have brang some normal activities like skate boards and scooters. My fun and daily activitie is taking a ride on the rings with my scooter.When I fall off I feel like im on earth and I scream so load that I realise im floating around in mid air. I still have a few quistions like how big is space?, does space ever end?

Yesterday I meet an alien and he was purple. He could talk English I thought I was going crazy till I met him again skating on the rings. This time really thought I was out of my mind then he took me in a portal he said it leads to the centre of Saturn witch is where all Saturn alien lives, and other aliens live in the center of their own planet. Learning heaps about Saturn was really cool.

Time to go home. Bye Saturn.

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