Monday, September 26, 2011

Learning how to play aussie rules.

This term every Thursday we have been playing Aussie rules with our instructors Megan and Melisa.They are very kind and have allot of manners they have been teaching for only a few years,and this year they are teaching us how to play, Rugby Aussie rules. Not every day we have the same instructors we can have a girl and a boy or just both girls.

We have learnt Nealy all the rules how to play and what not to do. Further than the rules we have learnt how to kick with an Aussie ball and hand pass. Here's one I remember - laces away from faces.

Kicking the ball was very hard in the beginning but keep practicing add you'll get it right. That was not the only thing we learnt we also learnt how to hand pass correctly. In the middle of practicing we had little games my favorite was bass ball with a rugby ball its kind of complicating to learn on the spot. That's all I wrote about so please leave a comment on my blog and leave your URL/Name so I can visit your blog.

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  1. Wow your interesting Andrea I really like your story, keep it up.


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