Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 overall

Kia ora I'm a Year 8 student at Pt England school/intermediate. This year of 2013 has been my last year attending Pt England. I started here at yr 4 in 2008 with Miss Lavakula and have built the years up to year 8 in room 19 with Miss Tito.

This year I've made yr 7 friends, they're basically people I never knew last year. I'd like to make a big shout out to the friends I have made, especially the years 7s. This is the last year being together rom room 19. We won't really see each other next as all the year 8s split up for college! Room 19 isn't just a class, we've survived a year together we're more like family.

Farewell to Ms Tito, she's been the best teacher that has ever taught me in my schooling years. Farewell to Pt England's principal Mr burt! He's helped the school achieve everything it needed, from net-books to being a school where everyone is friends. Lastly farewell to everyone attending Pt England, may god bless them and they have a good future ahead! Thank you to the teachers who have taught me.

I'm exited to attend Auckland Girls Grammar because there are so many good opportunities there. I'm looking forward to a new school and and being a year 9. My goal for college is to be prefect and to achieve that I know I'm going to have to give 100% every day! Also going to school with a good attitude!

I enjoyed my year in room 19 with all the students and especially my teacher, singing with my class, laughing and even arguing, we all peace it out in the end. Camp was my second favourite thing I win this year! Time flys when you're having fun, especially with your friends that make it fun.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yr 8 End of the year Camp.

The 2013 Year 8 camp was held in Rotorua for a total of four days and three nights. It was the last gathering of all the year 8s before we all head off for college. Keep reading to find out what we did during the four days and three nights.

The picture above is a picture of the group I was in. Our group leader at the end on the right decided our name should be "The Fashion Killers". There I am, right in the middle in the picture just above the first text.                                      

I don't want to write about the whole camp, so I'll just skip to my 3 highlights.

One of my highlights, not my favourite but I did partially enjoy it, was visiting the blue and green lake. I learn't you aren't allowed to swim in the green lake because it's secrete. We had an hour walk before we finally got to the bottom of the hill to swim in the blue lake, I didn't swim, it was too cold.

My probably second favourite thing was when we went to the skyline and luge, it was amazing! I had so much fun riding down the luge and going up then down the skyline!

My last favourite highlight was being with all the year 8s! we had so much fun together and we worked as a team in our groups to do what we needed to do! It was our last time together and although the weather wasn't that great we still had a lot of fun, and all those moments will be treasured.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How was having a net-book connected to internet helped my learning this year?

Learning with a net-book connected to the internet is good, when I don't know what a certain word means I search it up on Google, the internet is basically a faster way of learning things I don't already know and it's more interesting than just looking stuff up in a dictionary. If I don't understand a maths problem I would usually search it up on Google, not the answer but ways to figure out the answer. My teacher is very artistic and fussy when she does art with our class, so I sometimes look on you-tube to find some painting or drawing techniques.

This year I have learnt a lot of Maori traditions with my Teacher. I've also learnt to never give up, always %100 percent of effort put into anything you do. Harakeke plating (flax) is one other really cool thing I have learnt this year, but out of all things I have learnt the most important thing is to be a purple cow (stand out/individual) in everything you do.

I learn't how to search for cheat on a ps3 game on my net-book, like  the key cheats for hard missions,  when I'm at home bored I go on you-tube to look for easy things to bake. If I don't know the lyrics to a song I Google it. I taught myself how to push the buttons on the control fast enough to unlock the cheats on gta v, but one of the really cool things I learn't on my own was changing my net - book Linux theme to macbuntu.

We've got the new update on our net book and I didn't know how to screen shot but one of my great friends taught me how too. My cousin was the person who taught me how to change my chrome browser background. This year I help someone change their net-book theme to macbuntu.

I have well qualified physically with learning on the internet independently.

Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
Sunrise: July 18, 1918, Mvezo, South Africa.
Sunset: December 5th 2013 (age 95)

Nelson Mandela was on of the worlds most loved human, he changed the lives of dark skinned people, from down hill to the very top, He went to jail for 27 years for what he believed in and came out to be the next president of South Africa. Mandela had nine siblings, three brothers and six sisters. Nelson Mandela said I quote "May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears" 

In 1918 Nelson Mandela was born his birth name was Rolihlahla it means trouble maker.
The English name Nelson was given to him by a missionary teacher from his middle school. In 1939 Nelson Mandela attended at the university college of fort hare, in Alice then got expelled.

51 years ago, Nelson Mandela was was Arrested and charged for standing up for what he believed in which was: white people and dark people live and do things together as one, in other words stop racism and all people live in harmony. He said in court "I will do whatever to achieve this, even if it means death" 

1948 - 1951 Mandela was released from prison and made his stand, he stood strong and achieved what he said he would achieve. After he achieved the stop of racism Nelson was elected President and National Secretary for ANCYL (African National Congress Youth League).

Even at the old age he always kept to what he did best 'Bringing Peace' In 2012 Nelson celebrated his 94th birthday with his family in Qunu in eastern cape. Mandela was admitted and charged into hospital two times until finally his suffering from being sick was over on december the 5th 2013.

I have learn't a lot about this wonderful man! He has done so much to help the world and with his passing he leaves a great legacy. Nelson wasn't respected because he gave revenge to the people who put him in jail for 27 years, he finished what he started. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

High Lights of 2013 Year 8.

It's the last term and the last few weeks at Pt England 2013. Looking back at the year from the beginning to now I know my highlights.

My first highlight is being in Miss Titos class. She is by far the best teacher that has ever taught me, she inspires me with her Maori language and how she interacts with us class. When Miss Tito teaches us she makes our learning fun which makes us wanna learn more, she will and always be my favourite teacher.

My second highlight was doing harakeke (flax) with miss Tito. We started off walking to the creek near by our school, we learnt the Maori rules on how to cut flax and which ones to choose. Cutting and choosing the Harakeke is very critical! If you cut it the wrong way or choose the wrong one, all the harakeke connected to that piece will die.

My 3rd and last highlight was being with room 19. Last year I didn't know most of the yr 7s I know now, we're a class but also a family! It is my last year at Pt England so I wont be seeing the yr 7s next year as much as I did this year. I hope them the best for next year and further on.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Statistic Image Information.

(Statistic images) Every image that doesn't move (that stays still) is a statistic image.

This picture I chose caught my eye the minute the page loaded. The picture shows that the persons grandparents took a picture of the exact same thing when they were younger and the grandchild found the picture and thought creatively and created the picture above.

I get a ‘wannabe photographer’ feeling when I look at this picture.

The interesting thing about this image is that it shows past with all so the present all in one picture, it’s really unique, not many people would think of a great idea like this.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Mihi

Kia ora koutou
Greetings you all
kua hui mai nei
(who) have gathered here
ki tenei huihuinga
to this this gathering
ki te mau mai
to bring
i tga whakaaro pai
the good thoughts
Ka nui te koa i te aroha
Great is the happiness the love
Mo to koutou kaha
for your support
ki te huihui mai
in assembling/gathering
ki te ako
to learn
i nga kaupapa
the topics
e pa ana ki tenei wananga

concerning this school of learning