Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Outta this world

It is now a new term!! Witch means that we have our special  assembly. When all our teachers do a funny performance about our topic. Our topic is Outta This World. All the teams had teachers that performed a slide show or a dance. They were all funny but I had to have a favorite. When we were seated Mr marks and his class came over to be seated. When I looked at Mr marks he looked very funny, then he saw me looking very shocked and said to me " what are you laughing about" and gushed his pom pom on my face, and we had a great big laugh.

My favorite was team  5 they had done a star wars show and every one was laughing at Mr Harris, because he had been acting as the princess in the movie that they had made. The movie had been edited very well. Mr Harris was the star in the movie he had been a very good princess. It was funny how he had a mask on to cover his face. My friend Dante's favorite was team 4 and 5. It was time to go to class and it was just a normal day.

This is what I have learnt so far. Did you know that the sun isn't the largest object actually there is a star that is ten times bigger. The moons are also called satellites?. sun, mercury, Venus, earth, the moon, mars, cease, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Those are all the planets that are near the sun. We have inner planets and outer planets. Inner stands for planets that are closest to the sun and outer means that the planets are far away.

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