Friday, November 23, 2012

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 2

Now showing in cinemas is the final one its finally here the most fantastic Breaking dawn part 2. If you’ve watched all the movies read all the books just waiting to see the last movie part 2, well here’s your chance to go now, they’re now showing Twilight saga Breaking Dawn part 2 in cinemas. If you want a sneak peak keep reading to find the link to the trailer and to read a little bit more.

Brought back to life by Edward as Bella almost died giving birth to Renesmee. Almost having to fight the Volturi. They went around the world collecting witnesses that the child had not been turned it was born while Bella was still human. Alice and Jasper had left the country, little did the family know they had left to find witnesses of their own. They had people all around the world to help them fight, but they were no match against the volturi.

Edwards Cullen’s gft is Telepathy that allows him to see and hear other peoples thoughts,
Alice Cullen - Precognition she is able to see into the future,
Jasper Hale - Pathokinesis he can feel other emotions around him and also interact with them,
Bella swan’s gift is a Mental Shield - Bella's gift is so strong its been working without her knowing, it has been protecting her ever since birth Edward can’t read her mind, Kate can’t shock her, she is in order not to fight but to protect other while they fight. Renesmee has a very powerful gift - Tactile thought projection and shield penetration she has the power to break through mental shield’s and project her visions and thoughts into others by touching them to find more click here. To join the fan site click here.

Monday, November 12, 2012

New improved version of New Zealand

New Zealand the home of all Kiwi’s. For this weeks writing I’ve decided to write about New Zealand. If you don’t know much about New Zealand well keep reading!

There are many different parts of New Zealand to see such as wellington, ChristChurch and The bay of islands. The Bay of island's is my favorite place, it's the most amazing place, there you will be able to go on a tour and see whales by going on the whale watching tour. If you're not a sea fan you could alway's choose the Kiwi tour, there you could go on amazing journeys to find a kiwi and see it closer than ever before, finding a kiwi is a job for very quiet people!

So I’ve given you two of the most famous places in New Zealand discover for yourself. There are more great opportunities available for you here in New Zealand (Aotearoa). Click here to book your tour in NZ now. 
Also to find the picture above Click Here to find the picture of the whale watching Click Here and lastly the Kiwis Click Here

Monte Carlo (Narrative)

Down by the river lived two girls named Alice and Megan. The two girls didn't really get along they had alot of disagreements! Unfortunately for them both their mothers were best friends, it was almost time for the summer holidays.  Alice had already started coming up with  big plans and so did Megan. Alice crept through the passage, hoping she wouldn't wake her mum she overheard a conversation coming from the living room.

“Maybe we should talk to the girls about this”, Megans mom whispered. “Trust me they’ll be fine, besides they’re 17, they’re teenagers, this trip will make them grow closer to each other, just like we did!” Alice's mum said firmly!

Late that night their mothers called for a meeting. Alice was first on scene, Megan had come in a little bit after her. Liz, Alice’s mum and Chelsea, Megans mum had finally arrived they had files in their hand, which Alice saw to be airline tickets. Liz decided to tell the girls everything.

“You two are going on a trip to Mount Doom, we’ve paid for all reservations and tickets” Chelsea carried on “And also you two will come back best friends, one more thing... you leave tomorrow at dawn, have a good time!”

5:35 am Alice and Megan’s alarm clock went off, they both rushed around the house, they got all dressed up packed their bags, said their goodbyes and off they went. On the plane, eyes glued to the window Megan couldn't and wouldn't relax! Alice sat there and read the papers her mum gave them, on the front of the paper had a picture of where they were about to go, on the back was a yellow note it said

“We’ve arranged a taxi to pick you up,  just look out for your names it should say Alice or maybe megan  Megan, good luck.”  The plane had finally landed after a 7 hour trip of doing absolutely nothing. Megan and Alice both were very surprised on what they saw.

“Everything I see is is is, nothing compared to the map I have.”

“Welcome to Monte Carlo. I hope you have enjoyed your trip” said a lady behind Megan said.

“Ohh no no ” megan yelled confusingly “ This is not happening, we did not just get on the wrong plane, we couldn't have!”

“Relax Meg” Alice said with a very calm voice “we’re fine see there's the man with my name on his card, lets go.”

“Wow , look Meg we got a limo” Meg replied “Alice I'm not sure this is our-” “yes, yes this is ours,!” Alice cut of Megans sentence!

“Welcome to your hotel miss Alice” The woman behind the counter said. Alice and Megan we exsuaghsted  the two just couldn't wait to jump on   bed and have a sleep. Up the stairs they went following the lady.

Alice whispered “Oh my gosh, Megan look at it, it’s awesome”

Megan replied “Wow, it’s beautiful”

a soft voice grew stronger “ Miss Alice, Miss Alice”

“Yes, yes is there anything I could do for you?” Alice said impatiently.

“Miss Alex” The woman kept saying “We didn’t know you had guess, would you like us to bring extra to the dinner?”

“Yes please, and if you don’t mind I’d like to have the room to myself for a moment, shuffle on by, if I need anything I’ll be sure to call down!” Alice tried to say with a british accent.

Chocolate on the big fluffy pillows, juice on each side of the bed. Gold coating on the phone. Diamond bath on the left of the bath which looked like a spa. Everything was just perfect.

“Meg, this is what we deserve” she said nicely

Megan replied “ How are we going to get home? Will we be here forever?”

Alice said firmly “Don’t be ridiculous, trust me we’ll make it home, anyway go to sleep we got a big day ahead of us!”

“Goodnight Alice.” Said Megan

Early in the morning Megan woke up, as her eyes slowly opened she saw a man  with his hands of her face with a hot towel. She slowly got up, and as she did the  man gave her the wet towel and directed her to where the shower was, she opened a very large cupboard and out poured cloths and there also was a suitcase, she opened the suitcase and all she saw was make up. She had her shower and it took forever for her to choose what to wear.

Shaking Alice, Megan yelled “ WAKE UP ALICE, come on we have to go”

“I had a lovely sleep Meg, did you?”

As Alice slowly opened her eyes she thought she saw the sun in her room!

“What do you think?” Meg said excitedly

“ I love it,  yellow sundress totally your thing!” Alice lied.

Off they went to the beach. They sat on the nice hot sand.  Just as they were going to lie on the sand and try to relax, they hear a voice behind them.

“Excuse me Miss Alice, I’ve ordered Tanning seats for you please make way for them.”

“Why thank you,  We shall move over, hurry along, I can’t stand here for ages.” Alice said with the fake british voice.

Having a great time swimming, hiking and meeting new people, unfortunately their holiday was over.  No arguing had happened nothing, their mums made it work, the two girls were finally best friends! They caught the flight home. From that day on the girls had grown up just like their mothers best friend’s and they all lived happily ever after.

Thank you for reading, I had done this writing independently with a little help from
Chelsea, I have written the whole Narrative and Chelsea had checked he spelling and other things.