Monday, May 27, 2013

Cooking competitions Narrative.

It was just normal cooking at home, but Kendle and Kylie Jenner both had a strong passion for cooking. They're 13 years old always watching MKR (My kitchen Rules) waiting and wishing for a chance to cook fancy foods on tv letting everyone know they're the best cookers.

10 years later... Kendle was just sitting at home a very slow day she decided to jump on her computer, she logged into Facebook and she saw a link stating 'Are you a good cooker? Would you like to have a chance to cook your way to a better even better life you have now? Click here, fill in a simple application to have your name drawn out by specials judges Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, she then clicked the link signed up for herself and Kylie.

After 2 weeks had passed Kendle forgot all about the application. Kylie walked in with mail, Kendle looked through and saw a thin mail titled ‘My Kitchen Rules’ she suddenly remembered and opened the envelope carefully. Right there in fine and bold print it said, ‘CONGRATULATIONS you and your cooking partner are one of the two lucky people who have won the chance to cook your way into a better life you have now!’ just  behind it were two tickets to fly over to America. Kendle screamed with enthusiasm, explaining the wonderful news to her sister, they both started packing they leave in two days.

The first rounds were very tough, but now the other teams have been eliminated its all come to an end. Versing against another team from canada in the finals. Kendle and Kylie have sleepless rest’s and struggles to stay awake in the afternoon. They practice and think what they’re going to cook in two days it is the final, the last to see who’s going to take the one month cruise around the world everything paid for including a check for $200,000,000.

The judges yelling 3,2,1 cook. Kendle and kylie rush to the cupboards and grab all they need to make an original recipe taught to them by their mother taught to her by her mother and on it goes. 20 minutes is up 10 minutes to go, Kylie finishes what she doing, Kendle places it all on the plate preparing it nice as possible. Times up, time to test it, they all have a taste of each plate, and the judges announce the winners, "Kendle and Kylie congratulations you are the winning team"

They go off with their prize on the cruise then shopping till they dropped.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reading reflection 2

TITLE: Pounamu Pounamu   
AUTHOR: Witi Ihimaera
Pages: 59 - 80
date: 23rd may 2013

When I read the part about how much the family misses nani miro and her old house, it made me wonder if she were still alive would the book still have the sad vibe? would the house still be there?
I wonder why the author chose to write about his life?
I think it might be because it was an interesting journey he lived through, or he probably wants everyone to experience what he went through as a child on the side lines.
This book is about Witi Ihimaera’s journey from young too and old age
The main character in the story is Witi.

Calories & Nervous system

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reading Reflection

Based on what I’ve read about Mr hohepa how he puts curses on people who don’t listen to him. Mrs Jones did not care. I predict that she will have a Makatu (Curse) put on her.

I think the author is a good/bad writer because he uses strong enthusiasm into making me (the reader) want to read more and actually finish the book
I like this story because its about someones life and its an actual interesting life because I’m not a big fan in reading but this book is making me want to read more

I am really looking forward to reading the rest of this book and too actually finishing it.

TITLE: Pounamu Pounamu   

AUTHOR: Witi Ihimaera
Pages: 23 - 43

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Xtra Math

If you've been reading most of my post's I've posted on Blogger you'll know that I've been writing about Xtra Math since I've actually started Xtra Math. We'll I'm year 8 now and I'm still using it. I've improved a lot since the last time I've posted about this. I've been on Xtra Math for about two week's now and I've already passed 3sec Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication I am now working on Division as you can see in the picture.
Xtra Math I guarantee is a very good site for your children who struggle with their basic facts. click here to sign yourself up now.

Will.I.Am's amazing surprise and huge donation

On Wednesday afternoon our school gathered in the school hall to hear amazing news from our principle Mr Burt that an anonymous celebrity made an anonymous donation for our school project Maniakalani education trust schools, and that person wanted to meet our school the next day. We had to be prepared.

The following day (Thursday) we had an assembly for this mystery celebrity. As classes arrived, camera shows arrived too, we saw T.V1, T.V3Helenstein brothers and many more.  It was a long wait but then all of a sudden the the camera people ran to the front of our school as our prefects walked in with the anonymous donater Will.I.Am! 

This amazing person could've chose any school he wanted, but he chose ours! The wait was really worth it. Will.I.Am the front person from the black eyed peas believes that children are the future so he donated 100k so students can learn about science, mathematics and engineering. He grew up in a small area in East Los Angeles where there were a lot of violence and drug's as he grew up. Will.I.Am has started a foundation called I.Am Angel. 

It was a wonderful suprise having at our school. Our school is very grateful for having you  at our school, and we apreciate that you want kiwi kids to become the invetnter's of us. 

Click here to read more about what happened that day.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reading reflection.

TITLE: Pounamu Pounamu   
AUTHOR: Witi Ihimaera
Pages: 1 - 23

Summerize: This book is about Witi Ihimaera’s and what had happen in his early and late life. The main character's in this book is Witi Ihimaera, Nani and dad.
Visualize: When I read the part about Nani and her best friend playing the last game of cards before she died I pictured Them laughing and having a good time, I think the main characters look like old but very wise.

I'm actually really excited to finishing the rest of the book, it is written by one of my teachers favourite writers, so it'll be very cool to read the whole book and share it what I've read with my teacher.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What my friends think about me.

In our class we've been participating in a cool and fun activity. First we tape an A4 paper on our backs, then let our friends write one positive thought on it. These are the three things that I like....

1. Infinity  swag, because in these days "swag" and "infinity" are two nice words anyone could say to someone.
2. Swagged out unicorn. Because I'm known to be a unicorn and a unicorn is a symbol/meaning of something.
3.Andrea you're so funny and cool :) Because I feel like a good person that can make someone laugh and to make them think I'm cool.