Monday, March 25, 2013


Last week Room 19 walked down to Omaru creek to learn how to make a Putiputi/Flower's out've Harakeke/Flax we also learn't the protocols/Kaupapa of collecting Harakeke/Flax. 

As we arrived we found a nice spot to sit. Miss Tito went over the most important rules: When cutting flax you have to cut diagonally down, when choosing your Harakeke you're not aloud to choose any of the first three in the middle (picture above) you're not allowed to cut flax at night time or in the rain because you might cut the wrong one or when you cut it in the rain the rain will kill the freshly cut flax.

After we learnt the rules we were finally ready to pick our own. Me and my partner TeRina picked ours as Miss Tito said. While I was cutting mine I accidentally cut the Pepi/Baby, now that bush will die. The whole class had collected theirs and was ready to start weaving.

We walked back to school, and sat in a big circle in the intermediate street. Miss Tito tried to go step by step but everyone kept mucking up! Me and my friend Jorja were the best at making it well we learn't very quickly. Hopefully we get another chance to make more flowers but different types.

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