Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tuakana/Teina (oldest & youngest)

Every Tuesday we walk to the nearby library in our school and meet the students from room 9. We meet them there so we can teach them how to read properly and understanding what they're reading. Some of us often have turns reading with our Teina they'll read and we'll correct them. My Teina (younger) student is one of the best readers in her class.

We've been reading with room 9 for 3 weeks 4 weeks tomorrow. Me and my Teina (younger) have been reading the very hard books such as, The Guinness Book of records, Nature books. I've chosen these books because they've got very hard words and my expectation for my Teina is to reach a very high level in reading. Some times she struggles and when she does we go back to a less difficult book.

Tuakana/Teina means oldest and youngest like brother and sister in Te reo Maori a language we speak in Aotearoa (New Zealand). In our class we're using this method to teach younger students how to read and understand what they're reading. This gives us a good opportunity to learn how to pass on knowledge to others in the future.

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