Thursday, April 11, 2013

Graveyard imagination

It was a cold and stormy night when Alice and her best friend Megan decided to watch a late night movie. After the movie had finished Megan and Alice were too lazy to take the long way home, so they decided to take a shortcut through an old cemetery. They got about one quarter of the way in, then Alice saw a really bright light “look Megan” gasped Alice. “What is it?” Megan paused “Lets go now!”.

Megan started walking a few steps turned around and saw Alice there, walking towards the bright light. “I see something” Alice yelled. All of a sudden like a switch the light turned off. Alice was nowhere to be seen. As Megan got closer she saw a white horse with a colourful cone on its head “wooooow” Megan dragged.. Alice ran out from behind this strange animal and yelled “It’s a Unicorn It’s a unicorn” repeatedly. “A Unicorn? but I thought they were mythical” whispered Megan with tears of joy in her eyes. A couple of minutes went by Megan and Alice decided it was a done deal to take this unicorn home. “Rainbow Unicorn I shall call you” Alice said fiercely.

They pulled the unicorn in the house. Tip toeing right till Megan’s room. They stayed up and tried to figure out how this could be. A breathing Unicorn in her room. They took a few pictures and videos of the Unicorn some with them in it and some with only the unicorn. They got blankets for the unicorn and pillows too. They said good night and off they went to sleep.

At the crack of dawn Alice and megan woke up. With pains in their head. They couldn’t remember anything from last night, they looked on the floor and there were pillows and blankets messy on the ground. They were very confused. Megan saw the camera on the ground still on. She flicked through the pictures. There were pictures of her and Alice with their arms wrapped around the air, one picture even had a sign in bold letters 'Rainbow Unicorn' Megan and Alice were very confused!

Later that day Megan started having strange flashbacks from lastnight Alice started remembering too! They realised their imagination tricked them into thinking they saw a unicorn! From that day on Megan and Alice decided watching Rainbow Unicorn defeats the ninja they're never ever watching it again.

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