Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sand fight friday!

The day started off cold, wind so strong not a spec of light in the sky. Students stood confusingly, thinking 'no picnic its going to rain'. As the hour ran past the clouds slowly pushed apart with a scene of the lion king the clouds made way, giving the sun a good path to shine.

School Picnic, once a year our school (all students, teachers and family members) go down to the Point England reserve/beach for a picnic. The purpose of going to the beach/reserve in the beginning of the year, is so that we have a chance a 'fun chance' to meet and get to know the people who have just started this year.

Boundrys were set, we're all ready to go! Off we went splitting up into our teams (ex: team 1 = yr 1 - 3) we found a comfy spot under a large tree. One by one the teams went for a swim. yr 7-8 were last to swim. Up on the grass area were many sports played, some were flying kites but most were playing sports. Down by the beach on the sand were all the yr 8's with the younger kids running around! Sand getting thrown everywhere, i got there nice and tidy left with sand down my back, in my ears and all on my face.

How the sand fight started out. My friend Tauwhare picked a bunch of sand up and threw it at me, well she tried but ended up throwing it at someone else. That person how ever didn't like that, so he threw sand at her, trying to get her he got someone else. We had a bunch of fails causing everyone to get angry and throw it at everyone, so we laughed and had a good time, finishing with something to eat then on our way back to school we left.

Personally I've moved around schools, I've been attending Point England for 4 years this year. This year I am yr 8 so this will be the last time I've attended a Point England Picnic! If you have children in the area of Glenn Innes and you want a fun day out, no costs just a good day at the beach.

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