Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Angel experiment

This term we have been assigned to read a novel, Angel experiment is the name. You may wish to read the book but before you do please sit back relax and read what it's all about!

Fang, Iggy, Gasman, Angel, Nudge and Max are the main characters in this story. These six kids may seem like ordinary children, But little did you know they are only 98% human but 2% Bird. You may have guessed right they have wings! They were raised in a place called the school AKA prison! They were created by people known as the white coats.  

They don’t just sit around waiting to be captured again. They run until they can’t run again. They don’t live normally like other children. They are hiding from well killers called Erasers they are wolves but they hide themselves by turning human.

Do you want to read more? If you do here's a link to the story chapter 8-14 enjoy and stay tuned for the next paragraphs we read. CLICK HERE

Want to read more  reflective writing stay tuned. A special thanks to Tyler Janssen for helping me edit my writing. There are more links below for more reflective writing on Angel experiment.




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  1. What a fantastic hook you have written here Andrea. I have not read that novel but am tempted to get it on my iPad to read on the plane in the holidays.

    Do keep sharing

    Mrs Burt


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