Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Favourite Place!

During this term all the teachers in team five have given yr 7 - 8 students the same assignment witch is, taking a shot of our favourite place and drawing it in the style of our favourite artist.

See the picture at the top of this post. You're probably wondering what does it mean? Well that photo isn't just any ordinary photo, it’s a photo of my FAVOURITE place. After a swim in the beach your feet will dry very quickly as you walk across the sand you actually may feel like your walking in the dessert but, I LOVE THE HOT HEAT BURNING MY FEET. You may think I'm crazy loving the boiling heat on my feet, it's not as crazy as you think. The burning hot sand motivates you to sprint to the beach.

Not only did we have to choose our favorite place and take a photo but we also had to give reasons for this. I had taken a couple of shots, I could only choose one It’s kind of a hard thing to do but sometimes you just need to push past that and get it done! This place is located in Kaitaia, Ahipara - named 90 mile beach you would be crazy to miss a out on going to visit this beach.

Thank you to Tyler and Chelsea for reading and editing my story. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW TELLING ME WHERE YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE IS.

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  1. hi Andrea
    what a cool favourite place I also liked your writing to go with it. I love how you don't just say it really hot you actually describe it .

    Anyway keep up the awesome blog posts


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