Thursday, June 28, 2012

Independent Writing

This week is our last week of school.... But before we go home to relax we have one last assignment to do and that is this! Mr barks is making us write a post independently it  can be about anything so I have decided to write about my favourite activities I were involved in for this term.

Netball is my most favourite thing I have done this term. Miss Muliaumasealii is the coach for the team But the big boss is Miss Vaafusuaga. The first game of Netball this term I was player of the day, it was the first time I have ever got player of the day at Netball.

Now that I’m year 7 I go to tech. Last term I was in food technology now im in 
ELECTRONICS. In electronics we made our own simple circuit. It was hard work but it was very fun.

If you have never tried Netball or anything else I written on this post you would be crazy to miss out on any opportunity to getting this done.

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