Monday, May 28, 2012


Saludos voy a ser su tutor hoy Andrea es mi nombre (translation - Greetings I will be your tutor today, Andrea is my name) 
hoy vamos a aprender español ( - today we will be learning spanish)

Vamos a empezar con lo básico ( - Lets start off with the basics)

These are some basic spanish greetings. You can easily notice the differences between   
Good morning, afternoon and evening. Buenos ( pronounced Bo-weh-nos ) and Beunas (pronounced Bue-wen-us)  
¡Hola! ( pronounced or-laa)

Say these words below over and over again until your sure you know them off by heart. Say each of these words in spanish to freind's neighbour's and family. It would be helpful if you write these words in a book so you can learn quicker and your brain can attach to the words easier.


Buenos díasGood morning
Buenas tardesGood afternoon
Buenas nochesGood evening

If you had success in learning the greetings please leave a comment or you can follow me to read more fantastic post .

Si tuviera éxito en el aprendizaje de los saludos por favor deje un comentario o puedes seguirme a leer mensaje más fantástico.

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