Monday, December 2, 2013

High Lights of 2013 Year 8.

It's the last term and the last few weeks at Pt England 2013. Looking back at the year from the beginning to now I know my highlights.

My first highlight is being in Miss Titos class. She is by far the best teacher that has ever taught me, she inspires me with her Maori language and how she interacts with us class. When Miss Tito teaches us she makes our learning fun which makes us wanna learn more, she will and always be my favourite teacher.

My second highlight was doing harakeke (flax) with miss Tito. We started off walking to the creek near by our school, we learnt the Maori rules on how to cut flax and which ones to choose. Cutting and choosing the Harakeke is very critical! If you cut it the wrong way or choose the wrong one, all the harakeke connected to that piece will die.

My 3rd and last highlight was being with room 19. Last year I didn't know most of the yr 7s I know now, we're a class but also a family! It is my last year at Pt England so I wont be seeing the yr 7s next year as much as I did this year. I hope them the best for next year and further on.

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