Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How was having a net-book connected to internet helped my learning this year?

Learning with a net-book connected to the internet is good, when I don't know what a certain word means I search it up on Google, the internet is basically a faster way of learning things I don't already know and it's more interesting than just looking stuff up in a dictionary. If I don't understand a maths problem I would usually search it up on Google, not the answer but ways to figure out the answer. My teacher is very artistic and fussy when she does art with our class, so I sometimes look on you-tube to find some painting or drawing techniques.

This year I have learnt a lot of Maori traditions with my Teacher. I've also learnt to never give up, always %100 percent of effort put into anything you do. Harakeke plating (flax) is one other really cool thing I have learnt this year, but out of all things I have learnt the most important thing is to be a purple cow (stand out/individual) in everything you do.

I learn't how to search for cheat on a ps3 game on my net-book, like  the key cheats for hard missions,  when I'm at home bored I go on you-tube to look for easy things to bake. If I don't know the lyrics to a song I Google it. I taught myself how to push the buttons on the control fast enough to unlock the cheats on gta v, but one of the really cool things I learn't on my own was changing my net - book Linux theme to macbuntu.

We've got the new update on our net book and I didn't know how to screen shot but one of my great friends taught me how too. My cousin was the person who taught me how to change my chrome browser background. This year I help someone change their net-book theme to macbuntu.

I have well qualified physically with learning on the internet independently.

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