Friday, November 23, 2012

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 2

Now showing in cinemas is the final one its finally here the most fantastic Breaking dawn part 2. If you’ve watched all the movies read all the books just waiting to see the last movie part 2, well here’s your chance to go now, they’re now showing Twilight saga Breaking Dawn part 2 in cinemas. If you want a sneak peak keep reading to find the link to the trailer and to read a little bit more.

Brought back to life by Edward as Bella almost died giving birth to Renesmee. Almost having to fight the Volturi. They went around the world collecting witnesses that the child had not been turned it was born while Bella was still human. Alice and Jasper had left the country, little did the family know they had left to find witnesses of their own. They had people all around the world to help them fight, but they were no match against the volturi.

Edwards Cullen’s gft is Telepathy that allows him to see and hear other peoples thoughts,
Alice Cullen - Precognition she is able to see into the future,
Jasper Hale - Pathokinesis he can feel other emotions around him and also interact with them,
Bella swan’s gift is a Mental Shield - Bella's gift is so strong its been working without her knowing, it has been protecting her ever since birth Edward can’t read her mind, Kate can’t shock her, she is in order not to fight but to protect other while they fight. Renesmee has a very powerful gift - Tactile thought projection and shield penetration she has the power to break through mental shield’s and project her visions and thoughts into others by touching them to find more click here. To join the fan site click here.

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