Monday, November 12, 2012

New improved version of New Zealand

New Zealand the home of all Kiwi’s. For this weeks writing I’ve decided to write about New Zealand. If you don’t know much about New Zealand well keep reading!

There are many different parts of New Zealand to see such as wellington, ChristChurch and The bay of islands. The Bay of island's is my favorite place, it's the most amazing place, there you will be able to go on a tour and see whales by going on the whale watching tour. If you're not a sea fan you could alway's choose the Kiwi tour, there you could go on amazing journeys to find a kiwi and see it closer than ever before, finding a kiwi is a job for very quiet people!

So I’ve given you two of the most famous places in New Zealand discover for yourself. There are more great opportunities available for you here in New Zealand (Aotearoa). Click here to book your tour in NZ now. 
Also to find the picture above Click Here to find the picture of the whale watching Click Here and lastly the Kiwis Click Here

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