Friday, July 27, 2012

Math - Whizz

Hey im back with more interesting things about Math-Whizz. Its term 3, and if you remember I made a story on Math-Whizz in term 2. So now I’m gonna share how much I have approved.

Earlier last term I told you I’m really struggling on my maths. My teacher Mr Barks is the rising star I should be thanking. We come to school five days a week, and Mr Barks gives us a review every day on what we have to do and between all of that we have to do 20 minutes of Math-Whizz every day. At the end of the week everybody in our classroom has to have 100 minutes on their timer.

So back to how much I have improved. I’m not the highest in our class at Maths or the lowest, I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. That means I gained more levels also I havent went down any level. I have gotten alot better with my times tables thanks to Mr Barks and the Math-Whizz crew.

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  1. That is fantastic news Andrea. Thanks for posting this update. If you continue like this I would expect to see even better results this term. Well done on setting goals and achieving them AND sharing the news with all of us.

    Mrs. Burt


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