Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Study Ladder

Im sure you've read a post on my blog talking about Maths Whizz. Well now we have been introduced to Study Ladder. Like Maths Whizz this is my home page from here I can go anywhere!

Mr Barks sets task for us every week. I am in Mr Barks second top group for Mathematics. Every one in our class has two accounts each. One is for Literacy and one is for Mathematics. I'm going to share with you how well im doing in Mathematics.

Last week we were working on our Multiplication. Our first five questions are normal but as we work our way through our last four we have Squaring Numbers and Square Roots. My favourite one out of both of those are Squaring numbers. I have taken a screen shot of the second hardest person on that
game. I'm also  proud to say I have beaten him and I'm now on to the hardest person victor.

This is a picture of what square roots look like. Here's an explanation on what you do. Square roots are just the answer from squaring numbers. So the answer of 256 is 16 how you might ask its because 16 x 16 = 256 so that means 256 = 16 in a squared root position. Thank you for reading please leave a comment.

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