Thursday, April 26, 2012

Art Alive

Art alive is our new topic this term. This week is the first week we get to change classes. Our first class was room 19. Mr Slade is the art teacher for that class. He taught us how to paint like Oscar Claude Monet here's a little history about him- (1840-1926)
His father ran a grocery business
His mother was an opera singer
April 1st 1851 he entered Lettearve secondary school of artist

when in paris he saw other painters copying their masters works but he would sit by the window and paint what he saw.  In paris he met other young painters who became friends and fellow impressionists. He was influenced by Egene Boudin, Johan Jongking and Gustare corvette. boudin taught him how to use oils as well as outdoor painting techniques. Now you know a little bit about him BUT STAY TUNED FOR MORE.


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