Monday, September 16, 2013

Day at the Beach

The day started off pretty windy with about a 20 minute shower of rain. When the sun finally popped around the clouds my friend TeRina and I decided to go to the Pt England Reserve. After waiting for it to get a bit warmer we finally left the house. When we arrived we saw one of our friends.

The tide was coming in and the wind picked up fast. We played on the park for a little bit but we were still bored. I was thinking about having a swim but I knew I would get sick! So I played on the sand and around the rocks.

Playing around the rocks kind of felt like a small adventure. I was jumping up and around when suddenly I slipped back back luckily I caught my self. A few minutes after that I almost my foot stepped into a hole causing me to fall almost to my face.

The day was kind of a bad day trapped in a good day. We giggled a groaned but I had a very nice day I really hope to have another day but with the sun shining the whole day!.

Finally it was over we left the beach and had a lovely day. But we had a stuck in the mud problem on our way back! We struggled awfully through the mud, when finally we escaped. Saturday we had quite a big adventure through the mud and in the rocks, but all day was great.


  1. Hello Andrea,

    I like your writing and photos at the Pt England beach. It looked like a beautiful day. Keep the good work up.

  2. Hi Andrea,

    I love your photos and how you have hooked me into your story.


  3. Hello Andrea that was an awesome story about your day at the beach. I really like your photos those photos are awesome. Keep up the good work and Keep on taking awesome photos.


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