Friday, August 23, 2013

Basket - Ball

For the last 4 weeks this Term t
he whole of Pt England school have the amazing chance to play Basket - Ball with a professional Basket - Ball coach. I'm not really good at observing because I don't know his name.

The first session with him was great, we learn't a few tricks and played a game. We first got taught how to hold the ball & how to throw it. The game was called "King of the court" you have to dribble the ball and try and stop others from dribbling it, the last person standing wins.

The second, third & fourth session was even better, we learnt the rules when we're dribbling in a real game. We learn't heaps of other things but I didn't really observe to remember what we did! He taught us another game this involved us moving the ball around our bodies, we start off slow then get faster! Last person standing wins!

I really enjoy practising skills and learning the proper rules for Basket - Ball. If you play it right obeying the rules I garuntee you'll have a good game! Special thanks to the Basket - Ball coach who has been teaching us these amazing steps to success.

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