Monday, May 27, 2013

Cooking competitions Narrative.

It was just normal cooking at home, but Kendle and Kylie Jenner both had a strong passion for cooking. They're 13 years old always watching MKR (My kitchen Rules) waiting and wishing for a chance to cook fancy foods on tv letting everyone know they're the best cookers.

10 years later... Kendle was just sitting at home a very slow day she decided to jump on her computer, she logged into Facebook and she saw a link stating 'Are you a good cooker? Would you like to have a chance to cook your way to a better even better life you have now? Click here, fill in a simple application to have your name drawn out by specials judges Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, she then clicked the link signed up for herself and Kylie.

After 2 weeks had passed Kendle forgot all about the application. Kylie walked in with mail, Kendle looked through and saw a thin mail titled ‘My Kitchen Rules’ she suddenly remembered and opened the envelope carefully. Right there in fine and bold print it said, ‘CONGRATULATIONS you and your cooking partner are one of the two lucky people who have won the chance to cook your way into a better life you have now!’ just  behind it were two tickets to fly over to America. Kendle screamed with enthusiasm, explaining the wonderful news to her sister, they both started packing they leave in two days.

The first rounds were very tough, but now the other teams have been eliminated its all come to an end. Versing against another team from canada in the finals. Kendle and Kylie have sleepless rest’s and struggles to stay awake in the afternoon. They practice and think what they’re going to cook in two days it is the final, the last to see who’s going to take the one month cruise around the world everything paid for including a check for $200,000,000.

The judges yelling 3,2,1 cook. Kendle and kylie rush to the cupboards and grab all they need to make an original recipe taught to them by their mother taught to her by her mother and on it goes. 20 minutes is up 10 minutes to go, Kylie finishes what she doing, Kendle places it all on the plate preparing it nice as possible. Times up, time to test it, they all have a taste of each plate, and the judges announce the winners, "Kendle and Kylie congratulations you are the winning team"

They go off with their prize on the cruise then shopping till they dropped.

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    I really really really really enjoy this piece of writing you've posted up on your blog. I love the vocabulary you've put in your writing. This is actually the best narrative I've ever read. You are the best anyway keep up the wonderful work, ANDREA.


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