Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tech (wood)

This year I have been participating in Technology and we have been working on hard materials (wood work). You may be thinking what's so special about wood? Well I'm not here to talk about the specialties of wood, I'm here to share with you the amazing things we can do with it. You can throw wood in the fire on the other hand you could build something really creative!

This year is my first year being able to attend technology. We have three topics we learn about they are Cooking, Electronics and Woodwork.

Mr Grundy is the master who has been teaching us the basic steps in learning how to create a housing joint. If you want to try it yourself CLICK HERE. We've only been working with him for three weeks, I don't have much to share with you right now but if you stay tuned for next week you'll be able to know what I've decided to create, if I can I'll even throw in a picture.

To find the Picture above click here. Remember STAY TUNED for next Wednesday.

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