Thursday, March 8, 2012

Study Ladder Certificates

This Year we are we are on a new site called Study Ladder. We have two accounts per person, we have literacy and Maths. My biggest struggle is math but study ladder has helped me improve on some Questions I have taken a few pictures for you to see the things I have completed. The pictures I have taken are the ones that I struggled the most with but I ended up completing it.
This was a math game it was very hard for me I had to answer questions like this. 274862+154296 =
At first I though I'd just give up but I turned back and got a piece of paper and did it.

This is my reading. I did spelling it was difficult but I tried very hard and got a 10/10.
inadequate was the hardest I got a 8/10 before but I wasn't gonna give up that easily. I forced my self to remember and now I have got to the best I can be. 

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  1. Study Ladder is great. You might also try


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