Friday, February 10, 2012

My holiday highlight

Packing my bags in the middle of the night creating a huge racket while folding my plastic bags for wet clothes and others. I had my mum drive me up to my cousins house ready to head off up north, Kaitaia, Ahipara. All our bags were packed and ready to go, we jumped in the car and drove off. 

The trip was very boring but we stopped at a park and had lunch. We had a stretch and went by the pond we saw eels swimming around eating the chips that we threw in. My cousin almost caught one but then his little brother bumped him and he lost it. We were back on the road but this time we were almost there. As we pulled into the drive way we all raced out hugging all the family but we noticed one person was missing and that was my uncle Robert.

During the days we stayed we went to the beach almost every day when some other cousins came and they took us to the water falls. The water falls were very cold and it was fresh water, its fresh enough to drink. Our cousins boyfriend went off by the bushes to look for berry's and he came back with four or five me and my cousin Miya-shay went to look for some as well but came back with THORNS all in our feet. Then the whole family went out looking for some and we found heaps but we all got stuck in the middle of the bushes because we had thorns stuck in our feet. 

We got home and had a lovely dinner and had a boisen berry pie, and chocolate self saucing pudding with ice-cream. we had a long holiday up north and fun one but that was my highlight.


Tyla Baker

Eleva Tuipolutu 


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  1. Hi Andrea it is me Te Rina that sounds like a really cool holiday I wish I could go to the water falls they sound fun. Any way keep up the good work.

    Te Rina.


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