Monday, June 17, 2013

Something Strange In The Hut.

It was a cold, dark, gloomy night. I stumbled upon an abandoned hut deep in the heart of the forest. I was just about to enter the hut, when suddenly I heard a disturbing noise coming from the hut, it was almost as if there were a strange animal trapped.

The noise was very loud, I couldn't describe what I was hearing, at first I thought I was hallucinating, a few days without water that had to explain it! Both windows on the hut were smashed with wood nailed over it to cover the smashed window, the door was padlocked, it definitely looked like someone was trying their very hardest to hide something!

I crept closer the noise grew louder. I walked around to the back, someone had just left and forgot to lock the door. As I walked in that strange noise disappeared. I searched the hut, There was one room I was afraid of walking into. It was very dark and foggy in that one particular room. I squinted my eyes, and I could see something which looked like a horse with a cone on its head, I thought for a minute it was a Unicorn!

I walked out, and what believed it was the Unicorn followed me. It was white, with a colourful sparkling cone on its head it shined bright in the sun. I touched it, for that moment I felt like it was real, then someone started yelling from far behind “Thats mine, bring it back here” the unicorn had a very worried look on its face.

I jumped on its back and he ran really fast, ahead a rainbow appeared he started galloping over the rainbow, we had finally escaped from that crazy man, I called him Rainbow Unicorn, in that moment.... I woke up, In my bedroom. It was all just a dream.

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  1. Hi Andrea,
    That was a great piece of writing that I just read. I really like the part when you called him a rainbow unicorn. Any way keep up the good work!.



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